16 Percent Hike in Haryana Government Polytechnics Admissions

Chandigarh, January 13: Sustained efforts of the government to boost technical education in the state of Haryana have yielded results at last. Unlike past years despite the devastating effects of the pandemic, a remarkable increase of 16 percent in enrolment in Government Polytechnics in the state has been recorded this session.

An official spokesperson said that Government technical institutions in the state, including 37 Government Polytechnics and 4 Government Aided Polytechnics, have managed to make around 90 percent admissions for the session 2020-21. In order to encourage these efforts and maintain this tempo, the department has decided to reward 17 Principals of the Government technical institutions and 14 officers or officials of the Haryana State Technical Education Society (HSTES) with letters of appreciation.

In total, there is an approximately a 16 percent increase in enrolment in Government Polytechnics and an 8 percent increase in Government Aided Polytechnics for the current session as compared to last year. There are at least 17 Government Technical Institutions that have recorded more than 90 percent admissions including those two who have recorded 100 percent admissions for this session.

He said that while in the academic session 2015-16, 8005 students took admission in Government Polytechnics; in 2016-17 a total number of 7522 students took admission. In 2017-18 a total of 9017 students took admission, in 2018-19 a total of 10607, in 2019-20 a total of 9165 and in 2020-21 a total of 12007 students took admission

Department, under the leadership of Principal Secretary, Haryana Technical Education, Mr. Ankur Gupta, and Director General, Haryana Technical Education, Mr. Ajit Balaji Joshi, took a host of initiatives to improve the situation and boosted the quality of technical education in the state, he added.  He said that they organized a series of meetings and webinars with the Principals of Technical Institutions and motivated them to ensure 100 percent admissions in their institutions. Obviously, this increase in admissions is the result of their relentless efforts, he added.

He said that in Session 2020-21, the Department of Technical Education took an extraordinary initiative for differently-abled students (Speech and Hearing Impaired) to study various Polytechnic courses at Government Polytechnic, Sector 26, Panchkula. For the benefit of these students, no admission and tuition fee has been charged and the facility of an interpreter in Indian Sign Language has been provided for a better understanding of the curriculum. Diploma in Computer Engineering And Architectural Assistantship has been started with 15 seats in each branch and 100 percent admissions have been achieved.

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