46TH IFFI: Palestine Curtain


Donato Rotunno, Director of ‘Baby (A) lone’ said that in Luxembourg it is easy to make a film, but very difficult to get the audience. Interacting with the media at IFFI 2015 in Panaji, Goa, he said, “In Europe as small theaters have disappeared, so films on social issues are not getting good response. In general people don’t want to see reality. So it is difficult to get the audience. My film is about love and missing love.”

Mai Masri, Filmmaker from Palestine, who was also present at the media interaction, narrated her experience about the film 3000 Nights. She said that making of a film on real story about the prisons in Palestinian context was a real challenge. She Said, “This is my first feature film. The film is inspired by a real story. The film is all about motherhood love and hope.”

Bjrani Massi, Actor from film Rams also briefed media about the film and his experience.    download (1)

He said, “It was a challenge to shoot the film in Iceland during winter season.”

About the films

3000 Nights is a story of a Palestinian schoolteacher, who is arrested after being falsely accused and sentenced to eight years of prison. She is transferred to a high security Israeli women’s prison where she encounters a terrifying world in which Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated with Israeli criminal inmates. When she discovers she is pregnant, the prison director pressures her to abort the baby and spy on the Palestinian inmates. However, resilient and still in chains, she gives birth to a baby boy.

Rams, is in the competition of this year’s International film section at IFFI. This film is a story of two brothers who have not spoken to each other in four decades. But because of their ancestral sheep they come together.

Baby (A) lone is a history about love and the absence of love. Through the film two pre-teens are seeking to define themselves. In a quintessential western society which often claims to uphold the protection of its children-the future generation-as its laudable objective, everything is not what it seems.

[Source: PIB – IFFI News]