After Ahmedabad COVID 19 Hospital Fire Tragic, High Fire Safety Alert in Odisha Hospitals

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Tarun Kanta Mohanty, 06/08/2020: Ahmedabad on 06.08.20, in view of a tragic fire accident at Shrey Hospital (COVID -19 Hospital) located in Navrangpura area. Dr. Satyajit Mohanty, Director General, Directed the fire officers and sub-fire officers to visit all COVID -19 care hospitals and COVID-19 care centers under their respective jurisdiction by the Fire Officer of Odisha Fire Service. Safety Audit and in-charge of COVID -19 Care Hospitals And COVID -19 Care Centers were advised on fire prevention measures to advise them against fire and fire prevention measures. The concerned officer has been instructed to conduct a fire safety audit and submit. 24 Their recommendation within hours. In this regard, it is intended to intimate that more than 150 COVID -19 care hospitals and COVID -19 care centers are functioning in the state and on a regular basis by fire service personnel using regular service equipment. Is being disinfected.