All India Day Opposes CPI-(M), Demands Economic Security and Livelihood for All

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, 14/09/2020: The CPI (M) has today observed a nationwide protest day on the first day of the parliamentary assembly demanding livelihood, equality, and justice in protest against the massive attack on the livelihood of the common people in Karauna. A protest rally was organized in Ashoknagar, Bhubaneswar today as part of All India Day. The unprecedented lockout/bandh in the name of the corona conflict has put the country’s economy in turmoil. Unemployment is increasing. Instead of creating new jobs, restoring traditional livelihoods, and protecting the country’s economy, the government is amending labor laws in corporate interests, changes in the laws of essential commodities against farmers and consumer interests, and implementing farming practices. The CPI (M) demanded that the government immediately repeal the anti-national policies of workers, peasants, and the general public and act with confidence in all political parties to protect the economy and livelihood. Additional charge sheets in the Delhi riots case include Sitaram Yechury, Proc. Jayanthi Ghosh, Prof. Many prominent intellectuals including Apurba Nand, Yogendra Yadav, and Rahul Ray have attacked BJP for discriminatory rights in the country. Attacks on intellectuals fighting to protect democratic and constitutional rights continue. The CPI-(M) has demanded that the government refrain from such acts and withdraw all false allegations against democratic protesters. Kailash Puhan, Khordha district area leader Sarveshwar Martha, Goi Gobind Beshara, Loknath Vohi, Rita Sethi, Chetambar Barhi, Sushma Voi were in the lead roles.