“Association of Haryanvis in Australia” Launched a National-Level Blood Donation Campaign Following the Motto of “Raktdaan Mahadan”

Chandigarh, February 02: Despite being miles away from their hometown in search of better employment opportunities, Haryanavis who have settled abroad are making sincere efforts to preserve their traditions, especially the fond memories related to ‘Janani Janam Bhoomi’. In fact, this deep bond with the motherland can also be termed as love for the country.

Living up to the spirit, on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day of India, an organization “Association of Haryanvi in Australia” (AHA), launched a national-level blood donation campaign following the motto of “Raktdaan Mahadan”.

Campaign’s national convener, Mr. Satish Khatri said that despite being a national holiday, more than 150 people from the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide happily donated blood on the occasion of Republic Day which would save 450 lives. Elaborating on it, Mr. Khatri said that blood donation was a moment of pride for those who donated it for the first time. On the efforts being made to ensure that it was a successful campaign, he said that more than 20 volunteers worked a day in and out to ensure its success. Pankaj Mittal, Praveen Kumar Singroha, Ashok Kundu, and Aman Bura along with their respective teams with the help of Vibhor Sharma and Manjeet Sahu played a key role in organizing it successfully.

Founder and President of AHA, Mr. Sewa Singh Redhu expressed gratitude to all the donors, organizing committee members, and volunteers for organizing the blood donation campaign successfully. He further added that such a blood donation campaign is held twice a year, on Republic Day and Independence Day by the organization. Laying emphasis on the prominence of January 26 not only for Indians but also for Haryanavis settled in Australia as Australia shares its National Day with Indian Republic Day which is called “Australia Day”. Mr. Redhu said that his plans to organize such blood donation camps by AHA at least 4 times a year so that more lives can be saved.

President of the organization’s Victoria Chapter, Mr. Satpal Chahal from Melbourne said that a team has been permanently appointed for the event which selects volunteers and works day and night for the successful functioning of the blood donation campaigns. He expressed gratitude to the Haryanavis living in Melbourne, saying that he was proud of them as the highest number of blood donors involved in this campaign were from Melbourne.

Convenor of the campaign, Adelaide City, Mr. Ashok Kundu said that for the first time, the Haryanvi settled here have donated blood on such a National festival. He also expressed gratitude to the Haryanavis living in the city and motivated them to join the blood donation camps in the future.

Importantly, AHA is a social organization whose sole purpose is to connect the Haryanvi families in Australia and to preserve their culture, civilization, and traditions. More information about the organization can be found on their website www.myaha.org.au or by emailing them at info@myaha.org.au.