Barnala police escalation of bullying

Chandigarh: The police, who are considered to be the protectors of the common people and the law, what a normal person can do if he becomes an aggressor. One such case occurred with Amandeep Singh, a resident of Barnala, Nanaksar thaat Road, Masteel No. 43, behind the Vikas Bhavan, bought the plot. Leaving a 15-foot alley in front of the plot Retired S.I. Amrik Singh resides over there, who wanted to register a plot on the name of Mr. Amandeep Singh’s wife Anita Rani, in connection with the illegal occupation plot.

Retired S.I. Amrik Singh and his wife Harbans Kaur began to harass Mr Amandeep Singh and his family with the intention of illegally occupying their Plot. They started harassing them mentally by using bad words, The fate even came to pass that one day they tried to assassinate his family with agriculture spade. To save the middle the elderly woman of the family Amandeep’s mother got injured. Amandeep Singh’s mother passed away with a brain-hemorrhage due to mentally disturbed by the threat of these daily distresses.
In the presence of S.H.O. Jagjit Singh, A.S.I Nirmal Singh, retired D.S.P. Baldev Singh Kala, retired inspector Atma Singh Baiya, retired S.I. Amrik Singh and five other associates, Amandeep Singh was forced to hand over half of the plot to Amrik Singh, if he refused to do so they give them death threats. Amrik Singh and his wife Harbans Kaur issued false leaflets on him and his wife under Sections 451, 454, 379, 148, 149 without any. On the basis of one-on-one listening on a solid basis. A.S.I. Nirmal Singh, along with six hawkers, forcibly beat him without hearing the word and forcibly rolled the turban to the police station. It is pertinent to mention here that S.H.O. Jagjit Singh knows that Amandeep Singh is innocent apart from that he was not given the chance to proof himself. They took one day’s remand of the Innocent person He Sent jail for seven days.

Amandeep Singh’s request to India’s judicial system is that he has existing property documents, and sufficient evidence to upset the family, on whose request he conducts an impartial judicial inquiry so that the accused, 307, 326, 306, 499, the convict and the defendant were found guilty.