Bio-medical waste management rules 2016

Dr. Amandeep Aggarwal/Chandigarh: Doctors/ hospitals will now have to set up their own websites and upload the amount of bio-medical waste that has been generated at their clinics or hospitals every month. This data will have to be sent to the Punjab Pollution Control Board, which in turn will forward it to the central pollution control authorities for a stricter check.
With pollution becoming a significant threat, particularly by bringing down life expectancy, the environment ministry’s bio-medical waste management rules 2016 has also imposed stricter norms for incinerators that dispose bio-medical waste to ensure that emissions are below the permissible limits.
The new rules have laid down various criteria, which are to be implemented soon. However, when contacted, several doctors and civic officials were unaware of them. It has been almost three months since the new bio-medical waste management rules 2016 were released, but there is a clear lack of awareness among doctors and even civic authorities about the rules.
Resentment is also brewing amongst doctors over the fact that pollution department is ignoring the midwives, chemist shops as well as quacks who are causing maximum undocumented pollution by bio-medical wastes.