CAA will give citizenship and not take it away: Monica

Chandigarh/ December 28: Spokesperson of the Supreme Court, Monika Arora today said that the citizenship Amendment Act was not meant to take away anybody is citizenship rather it will give citizenship to the people who deserve it. She added that instead of supporting this new act by actually informing people about its merit some anti-nationals are involved in creating disharmony by misinterpreting it. She was the key speaker at a session on CAA, truth vs myth organized at Sector 37 A Law Bhavan by panchnad Shodh Sansthan at Chandigarh. The hall at law Bhawan was its full capacity to listen to the spokesperson of the Supreme Court. The highlight of the event remained huge participation by college and university students in large numbers.
Speaking at the event she said that in Pakistan per earlier there were Hindus which has reduced down to only 1%. Similarly, in Bangladesh their work, Hindus has trickle-down to only one or two percent. CAA will give citizenship to those refugees who are living in India for the past many years. Giving an example Monica Arora said that she met a family at Majnu Tilla in Delhi that has come from Pakistan where their daughter was victimized and their son was killed because they had refused to read Karma. This family says that they would prefer to die rather than go back to Pakistan post-op so this new amendment in the citizenship Act was meant at giving citizenship to such families.
She added that now the campaign against the new act has subsided and there is harmony all around. She said that once there was a similar seminar at Lucknow which was supposed to start at 4:00 p.m. but by 3:00 p.m. around 10,000 Muslims have already arrived. However, somebody maid an announcement that if any kind of violence was done then the property of that person will be auctioned off full stop as soon as the announcement was made There Was Nobody left at the spot.
She said that the state governments of those States were to be blamed for not implementing law properly and creating problems over the CAA act. She said that CAA will be implemented in-country at any cost as citizenship was a national issue and not pertaining to the states only show the state governments could not create any hassles.
Trilokinath Goyal was the chairperson of the seminar while the officiating chairman of organizing body panchnad Shodh Sansthan doctor KCR was also present. The stage convenor was Pankaj and. The treasurer of panchnad Shodh Sansthan Rakesh Verma and Chandigarh adhyayan Kendra chairman Deepak Vashishth thank the people for participating in this seminar.