Canada sets example in Corona virus pandemic, decides not to refuse immigration application due to incomplete documentation

Chandigarh, April 14: Canada has one of the most positive attitudes toward immigrants in the developed world, which is further manifested by all the commendable efforts and measures it is taking to accommodate immigrants amidst the current global health challenge- COVID-19.

Canadian PR outside the country can still return

The Government of Canada has also set up various solutions to help tackle the direct and indirect effects of the Coronavirus on the Canadian community and those seeking to become a part thereof.

No travel restrictions for Canadian PR outside the country

At a time when uncertainty, panic and misinformation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic and immigration; Canada has taken a number of additional steps to try to keep its immigration system running as smoothly as possible.

For instance, the federal government has stated that no immigration application will be refused due to incomplete documentation. Rather, applicants will be granted extra time to submit supporting documentation as long as they can provide proof that they were unable to attain due to being restricted to do so.

Moreover, Canadian permanent residents, who are outside of the country, are still able to enter Canada. Those applicants, who received a confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) before March 16, 2020, are also exempt from Canada’s travel restrictions;  therefore, they can also come to Canada.

Applicants with COPR before March 16, 2020 and international students studying in Canada

As far as International students are concerned, the government has not only kept them exempt from the travel restrictions, but also allowed them pursue their studies online and remain eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit and eventually for Canadian permanent residence.

Although there may be some delays in the visa application processing times, the truth is that the Canadian visa application process has not really been affected and is still open to skilled workers as well as international students who want to start a new life in Canada. In fact, now may actually be the best time to submit your application and here it is why!!

The Canadian government has seen a slight decrease in visa applications due to COVID-19, however, when the situation will be stabilised, the Canada immigration is expected to have a large increase in applications. Therefore, it’s important to get into the queue as early as possible and get your visa application approved sooner rather than later.

In other words, the sooner you start your Canadian visa application, the higher your chances of receiving a visa!

World’s largest immigration Group- WWICS lauded the Federal Government for the efforts and compassion it has shown to immigrants. Lt. Col. B.S. SANDHU (Retd.), Chairman & Managing Director, WWICS Group of Companies praised the Canadian government’s efforts and commitment to tackle the pandemic coronavirus and asserts, ”At a time when the whole world is going through such unprecedented event, the commitment of the Canadian government towards its citizens, permanent residents, foreign workers, and international students has been enormous and very impressive.”

Indeed, Canada is the most open country on the planet right now!!