Chandigarh City Plays Jurisdiction Match?

Chandigarh: As per SIA President, Mr. RK Garg, Chandigarh residents now suffering from Administrative Jurisdiction Issues as:

Firstly: A Cycle stand is being made on 27-30 roads which are likely to ruin fully grown saplings done by MC with funds from CCPC Chandigarh. Now as a concerned citizen I asked MC CE to look into it. Prompt came the reply to tell issue relates to UT CE who in turn pushed to Smart City CDE and who told that it is PPP matter hence no payment is being made by Govt. Wasted 1.3 hours and reached no.

Whose jurisdiction is it anyway?

Second One – Garbage is with Example Two: There was an issue with a park in a sector. Now, this park is partly in UT, partly in MC and there are neighborhood parks also. Where to complain no one knows.

Third: The rainwater nalla. The garbage comes from the MC area, Nalla goes from both UT and MC area and Forest area. No which department will clean. Wherever we go they simply say it is MC matter, It is UT matter and it is Forest matter.

Fourth: Water Bills comprise Garbage charges also. Now water bills are with MC Public Health and Garbage is with MO. Where should the residents go and who will listen to whom?

There are THREE  Public Health one in MC one in UT one in smart city

There is Two Horticulture dept. One in MC, one in UT, and Now Forest also has a part to play. This year even CCPC also doled out HUGE money to do plantations.

There are THREE wings to complete the Green Action plan one in MC, One in UT, and in the forest.

There two Electrical one in MC one in UT

Above all, there is Smart City where all retired and overstaying officers get a place and it is poking its nose everywhere and any matter which does not find any space anywhere is found in smart city offices which are generally outbound for residents.

As put in by Hon’ble Court also there is utter confusion in which none is responsible to work.

Chandigarh is a very small city but it seems to be overburdened with bureaucracy at every step. There are many setups now. From Administration, things trickle down to MC to Smart City and there are separate branches in Administration and MC or vice versa.

Jurisdiction is a big issue always and common people suffer and officers enjoy as no one can be held responsible for anything as they are masters to push the ball in others court and enjoy.

Will the administration look into and bring transparency to fix up responsibilities and do allocation of duties to all departments, made available information on its Website to enable the public to know the correct deptt and officer to be contacted for their redressal