Chandigarh Home Science College Organized Live workshop on Nutri Garden and Microgreens 

Chandigarh: Government Home Science College organized a live workshop cum demonstration sessions on how to grow Nutri garden and Microgreens by utilizing little spaces in homes. Mrs. Amita Bhuwania, a certified holistic health coach who motivated more than 150 households to grow organic veggies and adopt kitchen gardening, was the guest speaker of the session. During the workshop, she discussed the importance of growing kitchen veggies at home. She informed the audience that homegrown vegetables are not only organic but also fresh and pesticide-free. Moreover, the joy of growing and harvesting at home gives a feeling of satisfaction. While growing vegetables at home, one should prefer green leafy vegetables like dhaniya, methi, palak, and Sarson ka saag, etc which take comparatively less time to grow from seeds and can be used as herbs in routine cooking. The seeds of these vegetables are readily available in the kitchen itself.

Tips for home composting with kitchen waste were also shared. She gave live demonstrations on growing microgreens from vegetable seeds at home. She informed the audience that microgreens are nutritionally dense. They contain 10-40 times more vital nutrients as compared to their fully grown plants.

Approximately, 200 participants registered for the workshop and it was viewed by more than 300 participants.
Principal Prof Sudha Katyal expressed her gratitude to the Speaker for the insightful sessions. She said that kitchen gardening not only ensures an inexpensive, regular, and handy supply of fresh vegetables but also inculcates the habit of healthy eating.