College students made legendary short films using VFX almost without any budget

Chandigarh, Panchkula, 12.03.2021: The trailer of a short film “Kalki Triology” has been released by the college students on the last day. This short film is made almost without any budget with the help of a professional producer or director. This film is made by the students only on their own strength.  Has gone and the special thing about this fame is that VFX has been used in it, which no one has done in the field of YouTube yet.
‘The Kalki Triology’ is a three-chapter saga based on the 10th and most powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is always determined to destroy any unrighteous people in order to protect the religion.
It is a step taken by college students seeking to make an impact and make a change, which has been made on a challenging low budget, in extremely testing conditions, and in a very short time.  The screenplay, dialogue, direction, and editing are all done by just one artist.  All the students are very happy and confident about their film, because this trailer has got more than 1000 views in just 1 night.
  The first chapter of Kalki will be released on May 5, 2021, and the trailer can be seen on this link. College students have claimed that no one has ever seen this type of work in the film.
The film has been written and scripted by Ojas Gautam and he has also acted, the entire production of the film was designed by Zia Gill, the action choreography was done by Aditya Sharma and the acting was with Nikhil Sharma, Varun Bhatia, and Purnoor.