COVID 19: 24*7 Haryana’s Covid call center @ 1075 & 8558893911

Chandigarh, April 3- As the fight against COVID-19 continues, Haryana Government through its dedicated staff deployed at the 24*7 State Covid call center is ensuring to keep up with the rising needs of assistance to the people of the State.
Till now, more than 60,000 calls have been received and answered on the helpline numbers 1075 & 8558893911 at  State Level. Out of which 20000  were related to COVID-19 and rest were for other issues such as food, travel pass, law and order, industry, labour and basic civic amenities. Every day the center receives & answers around 2000 calls which are related to the supply of cooked food and ration.
However, the State Government has urged that residents across the State should call for essential services in case of emergencies only. Further citizens have been requested not to misuse the resources in this difficult time as in some districts it has been reported that people are continuously and repeatedly calling the helpline for food and dry ration despite having sufficient food & ration arrangements made by govt. However, State Government is committed that no one should sleep hungry in the state. The state govt. urges that only those who have shortage of food or ration should call State/ District Covid Call center numbers so that immediate help can be provided.