COVID 19: Haryana Government Opted Model District Containment Plan

Chandigarh/ April 09 – Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal has said that the initiative of the state government to fight the global pandemic of corona at micro-level in the state has been appreciated by all political parties in the state.

          Taking a step forward, the government has now directed all the District Deputy Commissioners to prepare their respective district containment plans, as well as constitute committees of officials of various departments and implement it at the ground level.

          The government has prepared a model district containment plan for all the districts as a precaution.

          He said that in the villages, neighbourhoods, and areas where corona infected positive cases have been confirmed, as a containment zone while the villages and areas have been declared as buffer zone. The main objective is to stop the spread of the pandemic, to alert the people and control the spread of infection. The movement of any person in these areas will be banned and the teams of Asha Workers and ANM will do a door-to-door screening-scanning in these areas and the entire area will be sanitized. Face masks, gloves, caps, sanitizers, and shoes have been provided to the staff deployed on this task.

          The spokesman said that in the Containment Zone and Buffer Zone, people will get items of essential needs like ration, milk, groceries, medicines, and vegetables and will deploy sufficient staff for this work. These goods will be delivered in separate packets right at the doorstep. The delivery worker will wear gloves and will use safety equipment. He will not make any physical contact with any person inside and outside the house where he delivers. Uninterrupted supply of electricity and water will be ensured in the containment and buffer zones. Haryana Transport buses have been deployed for the movement of employees involved in this process.

          The spokesman said that 36 villages of Nuh district have been declared as Containment Zone and 104 villages as Buffer Zone so that people can be investigated and the spread Corona Virus can be prevented. The 36 villages in the district that are in the Containment Zone include Bisru, Khanpur Ghati, Umra, Devla, Bhond, Akhnaka, Sidhravat, Agon, Kameda, Nai, Malab Dihana, Mahu Chopra, Chitodada, Raniala, Madapur, Punhana, Rahida, Raipur, Rangad Bas, Nizampur Tawadu, Dhidhara, Sevaka, Sikarpur, Nuh, Untaka, Muradbas, Bai, Charora, Ritha, Shahpur, Pingwan, Papadi, Gangwani, Akbarpur and Ghaseda.

          Similarly, 104 villages which are in buffer zone include Badka, Aandhki, Fardari, Gubbheri, Gulalta, Jhimrawat, Dadhola Dadholi Kalan, Marora, Balai, Basai Khanzada, Khan Mohammadpur, Danibus, Pratapbas, Bajherda, Bhapavali, Thekra, Kalinjar, Shehri Firozpur Jhirka, Dhond Kalan, Ringar, Alipur, Tigra, Hirwadi, Ghata Shamshabad, Maholi, Dadoli Khurd, Sahpur, Patharali, Badopur, Solapur, Kherla Kalan, Akhanka, Nangli, Tirvada, Bichhor, Jharokari, Hathngaon, Nizampur, Akera Nizampur, Laturbas, Birsika, Nharika, Sheikhpur, Dugri, Rawa, Raniali, Baghola, Bavantheri, Shamsabad Khaitan, Patkpur, Thek, Pema Kheda, Mubarikpur, Laharwadi, Godhola, Nahapur, Jadholi, Hingpur, Katpuri, Autha, Gurnawat, Chundika, Kalpuri, Subahedi, Raniyaki, Dhulavat, Padheni, Malaka, Salka, Jogipur, Adbar, Shahapur Nangli, Salhedi, Palla, Paldi, Mewli Khurd, Mewali Kalan, Khori, Sheikhpur, Badoji, Gudbas, Ghbur, Panchgva, Silko, Chilla, Umri Hasanpur, Rhpuva, Shahchokha, Ted, Lhabas, Satakpuri, Mamlika, Jak, Bublhadi, Dhana, Jarpuri, Salmba Ferozepur Namak, Bajdka have been included in buffer zone.

          In district Palwal, 9 villages have been ordered to seal the boundaries, declaring it as Containment zone as well as 27 adjacent villages as buffer zones so that other district dwellers do not get caught in the pandemic. Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) Advocate Ahmad will be the overall magistrate for the necessary activities occurring in the Containment and Buffer Zones.

          The villages of the district, Kot, Ghudawali, Lakhnaka, Babupur Hathin, Jalalpur, Gurkasar, Alimeev, Paharpur and Utawad, have been declared as Containment Zones. At the same time, 27 villages have been declared as buffer zones, including villages Pavsar, Ranayala Khurd, Khilluka, Nagal Jat, Rupnagar Natoli, Hudithal, Gohpur, Kukarchati, Buraka Hathin, Bighawali, Dheeranki, Ghingraka, Mirka, Rupada, Chile, Malpuri , Maluka, Tonka Kumrehara, Malai, Aali Brahmin, Andhop, Khaika, Bhudpur, Jarali, Mankaki and Ladmaki.

          A staff nurse of ward number 17 of Dharmapura Mohalla in Bahadurgarh district, Jhajjar, has been admitted to Safdarjung COVID-19 Hospital in Delhi for treatment at Corona after being found positive. Dharmapura Mauhalla has been declared a containment zone by the district administration and has been sealed till April 23.

          Ward no-2 of Mahadev Colony in District Kaithal has been declared as Containment Zone. It has about 1750 houses and a population of about five thousand people. In addition, Agrasenapuram, village Sirta, Arjun Nagar and Dogra Gate have been declared as buffer zones.

Similarly, Nada Sahib, Civil Hospital Sector-6, Command Hospital and Bus Stand in District Panchkula have been declared as Containment Zone while Moginand, Sector-7, MDC-4 and Sector-10 have been declared as buffer zones.

Sanoli Khurd village has been declared a Containment after two cases were found positive in Osmanabad, Maharashtra due to corona infection in Panipat district. All main routes have been ordered to be closed on the suspicious death of a 28-year-old man in Sector 13-17, Panipat. Instructions have been given to stop the entry and exit routes. The family of the deceased is quarantined.

          The spokesman said that in Charkhi Dadri district, samples of 35 persons from the district were sent for testing, out of which 34 persons were found negative and one person tested corona positive. Taking strict cognizance of this the district administration has declared the villages of Samvad, Fougat and Sanjarvas, which are within the radius of three kilometers adjoining Hindol village as Containment Zones. Apart from this, Saunf, Kasni and Sankrod villages have been declared as buffer zones.

          The spokesman said that 13 areas in Faridabad district have been declared as Containment Zones, including Sector 11, Sector 37, Sector 28, Badkhal Village, Green Field Colony, AC Nagar, Fatehpur Taga, Khori, Sector-16, Sector 3, Chandpur Aura, Mohana and Ranheda villages are included.

          Similarly, the village Jandwala Bagdar and Dhabi Khurd have been declared as containment zones after a corona positive case was found in village Jandwala Bagdar in Fatehabad district. The villages Diad and Ramsara adjoining it have been declared as Buffer zones.

          He informed that 25 teams of Anganwadi workers, Asha Workers, MPHWs, ANMs have been formed which will conduct thermal scan from door to door. The entire area falling within the Containment Zone and Buffer Zone will be fully sanitized.

          The spokesman said that Timber Market was considered as an epidemic center for Ambala district. Mapping of Tangri River in east Ambala, Mama-Bhanja Pir Dargah and Cantonment area in the west, Ambala Bus Stand in the north and Shastri Colony in the south was conducted for the Containment Zone. While the villages Kalhedi and Boh, Jundali bridge, Ambala city, Baldev Nagar and Mohra village have been mapped for the buffer zone.

He said that Sector-9 of district Gurugram has been declared as a containment zone comprising of railway line area, Sector-10, Basai village and Sector 4 as well as Sector 7. While the areas adjacent to containment zone of Sector-9 have been made declared as buffer zone, which also includes Dhanwapur, Basai chowk, Pataudi chowk and Sector-4 and 7. Similarly, Sector-54 / Nirwana Country Area of Gurugram has been declared as a containment zone and it includes Nirvana Part-2, South City-2, Mayfield Gardens and Rosewood City. Similarly, the areas adjoining Sector-54 / Nirwana Country Area or these have been made buffer zones including Nirvana Part-2, South City-2, Mayfield Gardens and Rosewood City.

          Palam Vihar Area of District Gurugram has been declared as a Containment Zone comprising Ganga Vihar, Chandan Nagar, Chama Village and Sector-23. Similarly, the areas adjacent to or along with its Containment Zone have also been declared as buffer zones which include Ganga Vihar, Chandan Nagar, Chama Village and Sector-23. Similarly, Emaar Palm Garden, Sector-23 (PHC Kasan) area of Gurugram has been declared as a Containment Zone comprising Vatika, Rampura Village, Bhangarola Village and Kasan Village. Areas adjacent to Emaar Palm Garden, Sector-23 (PHC Kasan) Zone, including Vatika, Rampura village, Bhangarola village and Kasan village have been made buffer zones.

          Labaramam (UPHC Chandralok) of District Gurugram has been declared as a containment zone comprising DLF-5, Sector-43, IFFCO Chowk and Harijan Basti. Areas adjoining Laburamam (UPHC Chandralok) have been made buffer zone which include DLF-5, Sector-43, IFFCO Chowk and Harijan Basti. Similarly, Sector-39 (YPHC, Wazirabad) of Gurugram has been declared as a containment zone, comprising Samaspur, Jaiyavu Vihar, Wazirabad and RD City. And the areas adjoining Sector 39 (YPC Wazirabad) Containment Zone, including Samaspur, Jaiyavayu Vihar, Wazirabad and RD City have been declared as buffer zone.

          Similarly, upon finding one positive case of COVID-19 each in Sheikhpura Suhana and Birchpur villages of Karnal district, Sheikhpura Suhana has been declared as Containment Zone (Control Area) and the adjacent villages of Prithvi Vihar and Suraj Vihar areas of village Ranwar and Municipal Corporation area have been declared a buffer zone. Likewise, the entire Birchpur villages has been declared as Containment Zone and the adjacent villages of Barauta, Samalkha, Bijana, Jani and Budanpur will be covered under buffer zone.

          Similarly, soon after receiving a positive report of corona virus obtained from PGI Chandigarh of a resident of village Rasin of Gharaunda block, the entire village was declared as containment zone and villages of Hasanpur, Upli and other adjoining villages have been declared as buffer zone.

          At the same time, after another case of COVID-19 in the village Nidani of District Jind, this area has been declared as a containment zone and the villages adjoining this area such as Nidani, Padana, Radhana, Dhidhana and Sindhvi Kheda have been declared buffer zones.

The spokesman added that although a woman was said to be suffering from corona virus in Hisar, the said residential area has not been contained in any way after the said woman tested negative. Similarly, no area has been contained in Kurukshetra district so far and no zone has also been made a buffer zone. The movement of people living in the containment zone has been completely banned. Adequate police forces will seal the area and block it as needed. Kalpana Chawla Government Medical College has been declared a COVID-19 Hospital for Containment/ Isolation. Director Kalpana Chawla Medical College and Civil Surgeon Karnal will provide all health facilities to deal with any emergency.

          The spokesman said that no positive cases of corona have been reported so far in Rohtak, Mahendragarh, Bhiwani, Yamunanagar, Sirsa, Kurukshetra, Sonipat and Rewari districts. Nevertheless a Containment plan has been prepared for these districts by the district administration.