COVID 19: Workers Again Came On Exodus and Said, “Let’s Go Towards The Village”

Chandigarh: The Covid19 wave again became poison for Srimco, the daily wage laborers again want to go back to their village state, they have started harassing the helplessness of the laborer and the rate of covid 19 again. Then talk about whether the laborers living in Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra, Delhi have started migrating. Everyone has tightened their heads because of the way in which the second wave of covid19 started spreading their feet, the situation should be talked about in the hospital of Delhi, even if it is in Mumbai, the healthier department of the healthy department has collapsed. Corroded due to covid19, the condition of the lock-down seems to be confirmed, the pathetic condition of the workers nevertheless stopped at the same point as it was a year ago. Workers may have to travel to their homes by the road of migration again.

The number of new infection patients in the country is around 2,33000, while the number of infected persons has been cured. On the other hand, if we talk about the recovery rate, then in India, 88% of Punjab has improved. If the pathetic condition of the patients infected with covid19 is seen, then these patients are recovering and stay in their homes as well. The workers have done away with following the guidelines given by the central government, and the workers showed the scene of 2020 again at the railway station, bus stand. Workers who are migrating along with their families are facing problems, migrating with small children, these workers have left their homes with the same courage and enthusiasm even today.

Some from Bihar and some from UP are upset and helpless. Only think this and travel the path and say that our village and the village’s matti are everything for us. Locked down in cities, children are hungry and they will eat two rotis in their home in their village. The condition of migrating laborers is also the same as the condition of a healthy department is more than the number of beds in the hospitals, no arrangement of ventilation. The poor condition of hospitals disappointed the patients.

The situation of the country was similarly pathetic about a year ago. Talk about last year, the government put the lockdown without informing the workers and how many helpless laborers took to the road with their relatives. Lac of lives and how many children have lost their father’s shadow. How many railways lost their lives while walking on the path. It took years for the central government to get healthy facilities but has not yet made any health facilities till 2021, the government should see the way in which the number of covid19 patients is increasing day by day, the government should have been If the situation did not come before then, then the situation should not be created again, so hospitals should be arranged first, in the way the situation is seen in the capital city like Delhi, patients do not have any bed facilities, no ventilator machines, patients with the patients have hospitals. Have to undergo treatment outside. The number of lakhs of migrant laborers is seen every day at railway stations bus stand. Due to which workers and migrant laborers, as well as ordinary citizens, should also get facilities. Local lockdowns are being done in many cities of the country. Last year migrant laborers working in urban areas have their homes in the village. Was caught in lockdown. Migrants are afraid of how the situation will arise first. Talking about 2020, the journey of the migrants was decided, but in this journey, the lives of so many laborers were taken away.

The way in which the second wave of Covid19 has shown its devastation, the central government keeps an eye on the facilities of the hospitals, the healthy department is in a crease. These cars are refreshing memories and not the second wave, which again shows the vision of 2020. Who has given millions of laborers a compulsion to flee, today there is a sight in the month of April 2021. The terror of covid19 has again changed its course.