Cyclon Amphan Update – Complimentary Recovery Continuing Service: Minister Captain Mishra

Odisha, Bhubaneswar, Dr. Basanta Choudhury, May 21, 2020: He congratulated Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for his visionary efforts to restore energy in the cyclotrons-affected areas and thanked him for leading the state in the crisis. Odisha Energy Minister Capt. Divya Shankar Mishra praised each hand. “About 26-27 lakh CESU customers, 16 lakh Nesco and 200,000 South co were affected by the cyclone,” said Captain Mishra in a shot-shoot video of the cyclone. By last night, power had been restored to all emergency services. “When so many people are affected, reconnection becomes difficult,” he explained. However, our preparation in the run-up to the run before and during the cyclone helped us. This is the first time that work has begun at sunrise. “About 80 percent of CESU’s connections have been restored,” he said. Recovery work at Nesco is in full swing and all human forces are now directed to the most affected areas. With 158 gangs on the job, the department aims to restore 90-95 percent of the power in two days and complete it in a week. Minister Mishra praised the Fire Service, ODRAF and NDRF for their efforts to restore normalcy in the state.