Delhi fan gifts Gold chain to Abeer Soofi of Mere Sai

New Delhi: The popularity of Sony Entertainment Television’s show ‘Mere Sai – Shradha Aur Saburi’ is increasing every day. Many new viewers are joining the club to religiously tune in to watch the show. The audience loves the simplicity and the teachings of Sai Baba and watching it come alive on screen is a visual treat. Abeer Soofi the lead actor is making waves and becoming very popular as he is brilliantly portraying Sai Baba. The fan base of Abeer is widening every day and they keep surprising him with uniquely showing their love and affection every time.

Abeer celebrated his birthday on 6th May with his extended family i.e. the cast and crew of the show this year. Abeer’s this birthday became special when his fan from Delhi surprised him. A Lady named Mrs Punita Sahani Trikha travelled all the way from Delhi and visited the sets to meet Abeer wished him. She not only surprised Abeer with her warm presence but also made Abeer’s birthday special by pampering him with gifts like his mother. Mrs Punita gifted him a gold chain as the birthday gift and wished for his growth and success. Abeer took this warm gesture of her to his Instagram and thanked her by recognising her ‘Maa’ for the love she showered on him.

When contacted Abeer, he confirmed, “Mrs Punita is such a warm lady, she travelled all the way from Delhi to Mumbai specially for my birthday. She came directly from airport to the sets and brought so many gifts for me and one among them was the gold chain. Though I didn’t want to take such expensive gift but she insisted and said that it is her motherly love for me on my birthday and this is not the first time Mrs. Punita has visited to meet me, we have met before too. I still remember when she first came to meet me on sets and told me that how watching Mere Sai has changed her way of thinking and perspective of life, how she adores me, my work and who doesn’t like to be loved and my fans love is a bunch of blessings they shower on me. My fans are Sai baba’s blessings for me.”