Detailed Updates of Surveillance Activity for nCOV-2019 as on 19th March, 2020


Chandigarh: WHO has declared the recent COVID- 19 as a pandemic. To date, it has affected 160 countries with majority of them in China, Italy, Iran and Korea. Worldwide a total of 1,91,127 cases
and 7,807 deaths have been reported so far. In India, the no. of confirmed cases are 173 including 25 Foreign Nationals. To date, 4 confirmed deaths have been reported in India. Four cases are reported positive from Haryana (District Gurugram) to date.

The Detailed Status of Surveillance Activity for nCOV-2019 as on 19th March, 2020 is as under:
Cumulative number of Passengers/ Persons put on Surveillance till date 4539
Cumulative number of Passengers/ Persons put on home isolation till date 4483
Cumulative number of Passengers/ Persons Hospitalized till date 56
Discharged out of Hospitalized (as the test for nCOV are negative) 32
Still Admitted* 24
Total Number of Samples Sent 108
Total Number of Samples found Negative 81
Total Number of Samples found Positive 4*
Total Number of Samples – Result Awaited 25
Total Number of Passengers/ Persons who have completed Surveillance period of 28
Days 591
Total Number of Passengers/ Persons who are still under Surveillance 3948
* Two samples were taken at Delhi
 To date four cases from district Gurugram are Positive.
 Up to 18.03.2020 two cases from Gurugram were declared positive.
Today (19.03.2020) two more positive cases have been reported detail is as
I. One female age 22 years came from London to Delhi on 14th March, she
had a cough and sore throat, the sample was taken on 16th March at Civil
Hospital. She has three family members who are asymptomatic, She is in
Quarantine from 14th March.
II. Second patient age 42 years Female came from London on 07th March and
was on home Quarantine. On dated 09.03.2020 admitted in Safdarjang
Hospital Delhi. 8 samples of the closed contact were taken.

The activities are done by the State in this regard:
 Haryana State has strengthened the Surveillance and Control measures to contain
COVID-19. State Helpline no. 8558893911 is functional and Helpline No. 108 is also
functional in all the districts.

 To mitigate and tackle the growing threat of COVID- 19, the State has notified COVID-
19 and accordingly, regulations have been issued on dated 11.03.2020.

 To prevent and control the spread of COVID 19, All Social, Cultural, Sports, Political,
Religious, Academic and Family mass gatherings of 200 or more people are banned till
31st March, 2020 in the State of Haryana. Further, it has also been decided that all Cinema
Halls, Gyms, Night Clubs shall remain closed till 31st March, 2020.
 Two labs from Haryana i.e. PGIMS, Rohtak and BPS Khanpur Kalan, have been
designated for testing of COVID- 19.
 Self-Declaration forms, for the passengers with travel history from an affected country, are
available at the Haryana health website i.e. Haryana These declaration forms are
also being made available at Common Service Centers in the State.
 327 isolation wards in Government and Private Health facilities with a capacity of 2472
beds have been identified to deal with any contingency. The State has also identified
Quarantine facilities in all the Districts with 1494 rooms including dormitories
comprising of 6013 Persons accommodation capacity.
 In each district, separate Ambulances with all protocols have been designated for
transportation of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID- 19.
 All Medical and Para Medical staff at district level has been trained for Prevention and
Management of COVID- 19.
 Pt B.D.S. PGIMS, Rohtak has been designated as Tertiary Care Centre for the treatment of
critical suspects. In this regard, Dr. Dhruv Choudhary, HOD-Pulmonary & Critical Care
department has been designated as the nodal Person from Pt. BDSPGIMS, Rohtak.
 Health talks are being organized at Schools and Colleges. All Districts are conducting
detailed meetings with IMA to sensitize and take them on Board for preparedness in this
regard. Deputy Commissioners are reviewing preparedness on a regular basis at the district
 IEC for prevention of Corona Virus by promoting Hand Hygiene, Cough etiquette, and
other infection prevention practices is being done through press advertisements,
pamphlets, hoardings, Audio spots, Video clips, and SMS services.
 In the background of the present corona Virus outbreak, the general public is advised to
adhere to health advisories issued by the State Government. The public should follow the
cough etiquette by covering the nose and mouth using handkerchief/towel while
sneezing/coughing, do frequent handwashing with soap and water.
 Those who have traveled recently from the corona affected countries should inform at
National/State/ District helpline number and remain under strict home isolation for 28
days from the date of arrival in India, irrespective of whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic.