Dharampal strikes a new masterstroke against Garima and Susheela in Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons

Mumbai: Sony SAB’s inspirational show Kaatelal & Sons continues to keep its viewers engrossed with its light-hearted and motivational storyline. In the upcoming track, viewers will watch how Dharampal (Ashok Lokhande) will try his best to stop his daughters from owning their salon. In this process, he
will take Mama’s help, and both will be seen determined to stop Garima and Susheela from fulfilling their dream.

The upcoming track will witness an intense face-off as Dharmpal gets furious after learning that his daughters have finally bought a shop. Not too happy with everything that’s going around, Dharampal initiates a desperate hunt to identify who is helping his daughters buy the shop which will take Garima and Susheela one step closer to achieving their dream.

Dharampal eventually finds out that one of his fiercest rivals – Jagat has helped his daughters and decides to embark on a mission to stop them. However to open any shop in the market you require permission from the Haathi Bazaar association which is coincidently headed by Dharamapal, so
will he find a new loophole to stop his daughters from owning the salon? It would be interesting to watch would Garima and Susheela be successful in opening their salon?

How will Dharampal accomplish his new mission in restricting the girls from fulfilling their dreams? Will Garima and Susheela be successful in opening their new salon in the market?

Ashok Lokhande, essaying the role of Dharampal, said, “My character Dharampal is all set to trick his daughters once again. Viewers are about to witness an exciting turn of events as the story unfolds. Garima and Susheela are equally determined to overcome all obstacles towards successfully opening their new salon.”

Megha Chakraborty, essaying the role of Garima, said, ” With a never-say-die attitude, sisters Garima and Susheela march boldly towards accomplishing their goal, and this time we are determined not to let any hurdle come in between us and our dream. The upcoming episode will witness us clashing with our father as he is equally determined to not let us open our salon. Nothing can stop Garima and Susheela from achieving their dreams, a quality that I find admirable and motivational personally. To all my fans and viewers, I would like to request you all to stay safe and keep watching our show as we continue to bring forth enthralling episodes.”

Jiya Shankar, essaying the role of Susheela, said, “As girls, we have to be more street smart as there are more obstacles we face when it comes to fulfilling dreams. Through this inspirational storyline, we have always tried to showcase a simple message that dreams know no gender, however, the upcoming episodes will demonstrate our desire and determination not to let anyone come between our dreams. As an artist, I am delighted to be a part of the show that not only focuses on entertaining people but also bringing out enriching content that is striking the right chord with the audience.”