Empathy, Sympathy, Pity, Charity, Inclusive Society – Hypocrisy!!!

New Delhi: The Nation observed the World Day for the Disabled yesterday; while almost all the States did as well. Awards were given away for outstanding achievements to the disabled as well as those working for the empowerment of the disabled.

The United Nations theme was to promote leadership, provide an inclusive ecosystem and give opportunities for contributing to sustainable goals.

All through the media, the V I P’s made promising statements to encourage the disabled and appreciate their achievements. They included the Vice President of India, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Principal Secretaries, Directors, and several others. If I remember correctly, the president of India used to give these awards, earlier.

In spite of all the honors and the sweet words were spoken; it is astonishing to note that the names of most of the awardees are missing in the media reports; leave aside mention of their achievements. It appears, by giving away these awards; the authorities are just fulfilling their duty towards the disabled. Similarly, the media seems to cover the occasion to highlight the efforts of the authorities to empower the Divyangs. Who cares for their achievements or innovative work done by them.

At least B B C Hindi had the decency to play an audio clip of interaction with Nidhi Goyal, on her accessible – Rising Flame Website.