Enhance the Employment System – Digital Movement of Contract Workers’ Unions Continues

Bhubaneswar, Asumana Jena, 29/06/2020: Thousands of highly educated young workers (police, health, and other departments) have been instrumental in successfully controlling the global epidemic in Odisha. He has praised Odisha globally today for working hard day and night to risk his life in an epidemic. The Chief Minister of Odisha and the Delhi Medical Association have praised the employees of the state very much. Many social institutions of the state are also honoring the Korn warriors. However, neither the state government nor the people of the state can understand the stomach of the warriors. Highly educated young men and women do not think that they can go to Gujarat or live in Odisha and feed themselves. He loves Odisha and continues to serve people in the epidemic. The Odisha government is demanding its rights through the digital movement without stopping work. The movement has the support of many organizations. The Digital movement of contract personnel continues in Odisha, demanding the termination of contracts and outsourcing of jobs. Contract workers in all districts and blocks have joined the strike. Yesterday, the staff attracted the attention of the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, and five secretaries via Twitter. Today, they place placards in front of their offices and protest. Young journalist Kishan Barai supported the state’s digital movement and called on the government to bring justice to the Corn Warriors on Facebook Live. Claiming the government. Demand for immediate termination of contract employment and outsourcing has intensified. “If the government does not listen to him, he will be forced to adopt a tax or death policy,” union president Vijay Mall.