First time in Asia and Africa Mini malls Just In one Crore

Chandigarh, 22 May: This growth has brought forth the need for a new ‘go to’ destination for the local diaspora to go for shopping, cinema, hanging out, and also experiencing the world of experiences and Gaming g through Virtual Reality.

Post covid Mini Malls at suburbs will be new normal, 200 Jadooz junctions planned – Making 2 theatres of 80 seaters each, virtual reality, cafeteria, Hypermarket

Jadooz, Figgitel, and Budgett have forged an alliance to develop and operate ‘ Jadooz Junction-Mini Malls’ which will have a Mini Cinema, a multi-brand electronic store, a value muticategory retail store, gaming, virtual reality experience Center in about 5000 sqfeet space. The uniqueness of this is in its ability to be completed in 90-120 days at a cost which is a fraction of the traditional malls. This is for the first time that smaller clusters of people will have access to a world-class value cinema, VR experience, digital store, and multicategory shopping.

The growth story of India and is unfolding in new frontiers spread across the new stretches in Semi-Urban and Semi-Rural areas where the new India is emerging.

Jadooz was founded by a noted actress and danseu from South India Padmashree Shobana and MTV Superstar Rannvijay also reposed his faith in this in his early days with an intent of taking cinematic & VR gaming to the masses at an affordable price.

Figgital was founded by the son of the soil K S Bhatia whose venture Pumpkart won accolades from the Google CEO Sundar Pachai and set new standards in the industry with fifty-plus stores.

The supermarket foray is dovetailed by Budgett which is emerging as the fastest-growing chain for home retail in India and was founded by Yash Malik who is now redefining the retail space for small and mid-sized clusters.

Rahul Nehra: MD Jadooz says ‘We are proud to have created this power-packed Mijimall with Figgital and Budgett and we will take the mall where it should be – with the masses’

Kamaljit Bhatia: MD and founder of Figgital further added ‘ I am very excited by the prospects of bringing this format to the nook and corner of Punjab. As Punjab goes digital the digital stores will be pivotal to the home experience, home convenience, and communication of the masses and Figittal will be right where it matters.

Dr.Yash Manik says ‘ We are perhaps the only brand that promises delivery in an hour and a price that is below the MRP bringing quality and affordability to every household in Punjab.

This association is commencing its foray in the state of Punjab from June 2021 with an intent of making 50 minimalls in Punjab in the next 24 months.