Chandigarh, June 7, 2021: “One must fortify oneself with human values with the remembrance of Almighty” a clarion call given by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj while addressing lakhs of Nirankari Devotees and God-loving people across the globe at a Virtual Sant Samagam which was webcast on the Mission’s website.

Sh. Navneet Pathak ji, Sanjoyak of Chandigarh Branch said that hundreds of Devotees of Tricity have enjoyed the Virtual Nirankari Sant Samagam by joining on the website.

Satguru Mata Ji guided to maintain sensitivity towards others by refraining oneself from using harsh words lest we hurt the sentiments of others. She further cautioned that once hurt, scars are left which do not go away despite seeking forgiveness. Her Holiness referred to the discomfort caused by hair in the eye, which continues to irritate even after its removal.

While addressing the Samagam of the Southern States of India organized by saints from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, held on 2nd June 2021, Satguru Mata Ji called for putting in practice a process of self-analysis and self-introspection to continuously improve ourselves and prove to be a blessing to humanity. Satguru Mata Ji while explaining the benefits elaborated that by remaining focused on self-improvement we will not find time to look at the shortcomings of others. Instead, we should focus to get our fundamentals right, lead a life with saintly disposition thereby lighting life of others with happiness.”

Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj guided all to lead a balanced life, to walk on the righteous path by performing all the responsibilities towards the family, society, country, and humanity; gracefully. May our real character, our actions portray the best version of ourselves.

“With the realization of God, each moment of life becomes blissful”. Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj addressed the virtual gathering organized by Nirankari devotees from countries like Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and other South East Asia countries.

Referring to World Environment Day, Satguru Mata Ji articulated that God has created beautiful nature and along with enhancing its external beauty we have to focus on the purity of our minds. The pollution in the mind needs to be removed.

Satguru Mata Ji cited an example of Japan’s famous Cherry Blossom Tree, whose importance is not only limited to the time it blooms but, also before and after. On the other hand, if we cut the tree when it is not blooming, then those trees will not survive; hence the tree needs to be nurtured at all times. Similarly, God’s Remembrance should be constant, perpetual, and not only during trying times.

Referring to Sant Nirankari Mission’s contribution to Society in current difficult times Satguru Mata Ji appreciated the selfless service to humankind from Singapore, Hongkong, and all other countries. She blessed them with persistence and enthusiasm for selfless service to mankind. One should not be self-centered but, instead should try to bring happiness and peace in the life of others.

Satguru MataJi concluded by saying that eternal stability can be obtained by controlling the mind and not being like an emotionless statue.