Four-Day Online Entrepreneurial Skill Development Workshop (July 29-August 01, 2020)

Chandigarh: The ongoing Four-day Online Entrepreneurial Skill Development Workshop (July 29-August 01, 2020), culminated with the last session on “Vibrant Fashion Boutique” which was organized in collaboration with Vandana and Seema, the owners of Aakarshan Boutique. Right from conceiving the idea of establishing a boutique to its actual realization, the entire journey has been a learning experience for them. Sharing their experiences as entrepreneurs, they extensively talked about innovative and useful strategies that can be used to overcome the initial hiccups faced by budding entrepreneurs. Turning challenges into opportunities, they have come a long way and earned a reputation for themselves.

Breaking the prevalent narratives of fashion, which more or less centered around the ‘ideal’ body type, both Vandana and Seema emphasized on loving and accepting our bodies. Displaying an array of fabric from block print, Batik, Ajaraic to Ikat, they presented their exclusive collection along with their properties to suit the requirement of different body types. They enthusiastically answered the queries of the participants who were very eager to know about the different ways of styling clothes to look elegant and stylish. The session ended with the innovative and out of the box suggestions given by the entrepreneurs.

The Principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal applauded the efforts of the faculty members, participants as well as various speakers of the sessions for their seamless performance and organization. Admiring the overwhelming response of the participants, she promised similar events in the near future as well.

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