GIA India Offers Knowledge Webinar on ‘Navratna’

New Delhi, Mar.23, 2021:GIA India organized the knowledge Webinar ‘Navratna’for members of the Delhi NCR Jewellers Committee in New Delhi. Around 25 participants attended this webinar to learn important information about the nine gemstones. To stay informed about GIA India’s upcoming Knowledge Webinars, call +91-22-68493960.

Around 25participants from the Delhi NCR Jewellers Committee attended the webinar 

GIA India Instructor Jamsheed Dastoorshared insights about the nine gems that represent the celestial bodies of Indian astrology: Sun (ruby), Moon (pearl), Mercury (emerald), Mars (coral), Jupiter (yellow sapphire or topaz), Venus (diamond), Saturn (blue sapphire) and the rising (zircon or hessonite) and descending (cat’s-eye) nodes of the moon.

“GIA India conducted a very informative and engaging webinar on the topic, ‘Navratna’for our members,” said NareshDhingra, President, Delhi NCR Jewellers Committee. “This knowledge webinar plays a pivotal role in acquiring gemological information about the nine precious gemstones and will help the participants to build consumer trust and confidence. We are grateful to GIA India for their continued commitment to sharing knowledge and creating awareness through these webinars.”

“Navratnais quite an interesting topic from not just a gemological perspective, but also due to the astrological importance in India,” said Apoorva Deshingkar, Senior Director – Sales, GIA India.“As a pioneer of gemological research, GIA is poised to share scientific knowledge about these nine gemstones so jewelers can communicate effectively with consumers. We are thankful to the Delhi NCR Jewellers Committee for their support in organizing a knowledge webinar for the benefit of their members.”

“Informative and enriching webinars such as these constitute a part of GIA’s mission to ensure public trust in gems and jewellery,” said Sriram Natarajan, Managing Director of GIA India.“Equipped with the knowledge gained during this and several such webinars we’ve been conducting over the past year or so, jewelers are able to buy and sell with confidence. With the help of these webinars as well as our retail sales associate training programs, members of the gem and jewellery trade are building consumer trust and furthering the Institute’s mission.”