Government Welfare Services Delivered in a Time Bound Manner to the Haryana Applicants

Chandigarh, January 5: The Haryana Right to Service Commission aims to ensure that the Government Welfare Services are delivered in a time bound manner to the applicants across Haryana. The commission is diligently working towards implementing the vision of Good Governance as envisaged by the Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal through various initiatives which have significantly contributed in strengthening the system by bringing more transparency and easing the lives of the people who are seeking any service from the Government. In a recent case, the commission has recorded displeasure regarding the working of DCP Panchkula, Sh. Mohit Handa and imposed a penalty of Rs. 5000/- each on SHO, MDC Panchkula, Ms. Wahida Hamid and Sh. Sunil Kumar the then SHO MDC Panchkula in a case of delayed renewal of arms license of an applicant.

Giving information in this regard, the Secretary to the Commission, Ms. Meenaxee Raj said that the applicant had been approaching the Panchkula police for renewal of his license since 2019 which is a notified service under Haryana Right to Service Act, 2014 with a timeline of 15 days if the license has not already expired and 22 days if the license has expired. The applicant’s repeated requests were not accepted on the basis of wrong reports and it was only when he met the DCP personally again In May, 2021 that his case was marked to the concerned SHO again. Despite that the case was formally approved in October 2021. Stating that the DCP Panchkula being designated officer to provide the said service have squarely failed to supervise the delivery of notified services as per said timelines, the Commission has issued an advisory to him to supervise the cases in coherence with the timelines.

She further informed that the then SHO, MDC, Sh. Sushil Kumar and SHO, Smt. Wahida Hamid had delayed their reports leading to delay in the case were held responsible by the Commission and were imposed a penalty of Rs. 5000 each which is to be deposited in the treasury by these officers within a period of thirty days from the date of order.

The Chief Commissioner, Haryana Right to Service Commission, Sh. T.C. Gupta stated that the Commission is mandated by law to see to it that each and every notified service is delivered to applicants in a time bound and transparent manner and those who try to fail this mandate will be held accountable by the Commission. This year onwards, not even a single case of delay would go unpunished, if the designated officers or those officers responsible for delay or fail to satisfy the Commission that the service could not be delivered within time lines due to reasons beyond their control. He further added that through various initiatives the Commission is committed to ensure that it directly contributes in easing the lives of the people of Haryana and bringing more transparency in the system.

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