GST HELPLINE: Received GST Audit/Assessment Notices- No Worries- Unitax coming to your rescue

Chandigarh/ Keshav Garg: Finally, GST Annual return for FY 2017-18 will be filed by 31st January 2020. Thereafter as anticipated, activism from the GST Department will begin. There would be a huge number of notices/summons which department is planning to serve taxpayers. All sorts of interpretational issues/classification issues/ ITC issues and various others are going to come on the surface again. We also know that GST being an e-tax, the replies to these notices shall be mandatorily be submitted online. If you are a consultant who had been rendering services to the taxpayers, you might be under tremendous pressure of preparing the professional replies to the notices/summons/queries/issues raised by the tax department.

To support and to handhold when you deal with the department, M/s Infinitive Consultancy Services LLP is launching Unitax – A unique solution to handle tax assessments. Just upload the notices at the Unitax portal and get the tailor-made expert replies from the team of Unitax. Unitax has a team of Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Company Secretaries who are well equipped to meet all your tax assessment and audit needs.

It’s not only about GST, even in Income Tax as we all know, but the faceless assessment is also commencing this year. This would mean that the submission of apt replies prepared by professionals becomes even more important. Unitax would give the platform to all the consultants where they can get the replies drafted from highly experienced and well-equipped professionals. This will not only add value to your services but will help you satisfy your clients with the best in class services. Preparing replies to notices would now be very easy.

M/s Infinitive consultancy is pleased to inform you that it is moving towards the launch of this week. Unitax shall meet all your needs related to Income Tax and GST assessments and audits. We understand that in this dynamic tax environment it is difficult to remain updated which each and every law especially GST and Income Tax. Instead, it becomes more difficult when the matter involves interpretational issues or hyper-technical situations. With Unitax, you need not worry, simply upload the notice and our team shall revert you with well sought and tailor-made professional replies.