'Har Ghar Hariyali-Haryana Ki Khushhali’ boosts in ‘Wildlife Safety Week’

Chandigarh, October 2 – Haryana Minister of State for Forests, Mr. Karan Dev Kamboj said that a scheme has been started for adoption of wild animals in zoos and deer parks for the conservation and protection of wildlife. Awareness would be created among people for this purpose.

The Forest Department was observing ‘Wildlife Safety Week’ from October 1 to 7. During this week, the Department would organize a number of programs and people would be motivated for wildlife conservation. Apart from this, Self Help Groups would be constituted by the Department for participation of women in wildlife conservation, which would also lead to increase in their income.

During the Wildlife Safety Week, everyone should pledge to conserve wildlife. Due to increasing population in the State, there is a lot of pressure on forest land, and the forest areas around villages have been turned into agricultural land. Forests are inhabited by several types of creatures, which are necessary for maintaining ecological balance.

The two National Parks, eight wildlife sanctuaries and two conservation-cum-breeding centers had been set up in the State. Apart from this, zoological parks in Pipli, Rohtak and Bhiwani have been modernized. Conservation and breeding centers have been set up for Red Jungle Fowl at Morni and Barwala in Panchkula, Crocodile at Bhor Saidan in Kurukshetra, Chinkara at Kairu in Bhiwani, Peafowl at Jhabua in Rewari and Vulture at Bir Shikargah in Panchkula.

The Elephant Rehabilitation Center had been established at Ban Santor in Yamunanagar. Adequate provision has been made for census of wild animals by setting up camera traps at Kalesar National Park and other wildlife sanctuaries. There is a proposal to declare the areas around national parks as Environmentally Sensitive Areas for the protection of wild animals.

The Haryana Government had started the ‘Har Ghar Hariyali-Haryana Ki Khushhali’ scheme for environment conservation, which would lead to promotion of forests. Under the scheme, plantation activities are being conducted by the Forest and other Departments with the help of farmers and social welfare organisations.