Haryana CTP Department Launched New Online Portal for Receiving Applications and Online Draw of Flats

Chandigarh, April 19: The Department of Town and Country Planning Haryana has launched an online portal for receiving applications and online draw of flats under the Affordable Housing Policy. Now, the applicants will be able to submit their applications for allotment of flats on the portal https://edraw.tcpharyana.gov.in

Sharing more details in this regard, a spokesperson of the Department of Town and Country Planning Haryana said that with the launch of this portal, the entire process including the launch of the scheme by the developer, scrutiny of the applications, payments, submission of applications and draw of the flats will be done online thus bringing in greater transparency in the whole system.

The spokesperson said that there were complaints with the present manual system as the interested applicants were required to purchase the application from the developers. However, the developers used to pick and choose the applicants to whom the application forms were distributed.

He said that in some cases, complaint regarding selling the flats on premium by the developers was also coming, and taking note of such complaints, now the online portal for the draw of the flats for affordable housing projects have been launched by the Department of Town and Country Planning Haryana to bring more transparency.