Haryana Governor Called upon the journalists to refrain from adding their views to the news and report on the basis of facts.

Panchkula , January 02: Haryana Governor, Sh. Bandaru Dattatraya has called upon the journalists to refrain from adding their views to the news and report on the basis of facts.

Governor Sh. Dattatraya was presiding over the Patrakarita Gaurav Puraskar Samaroh organised by Haryana Patrakar Sangh in Panchkula today.

He said that journalists have to unite with inclusive thinking and also work for each others interests in a professional manner. This will increase sensitivity towards the media, which is the fourth pillar of democracy, in the government and administrative system. He said that journalists should work fearlessly and with complete independence, only then governments will be able to function in a better manner.

The Governor said that journalism has emerged as a profession in this era. In this era, media should do its work by maintaining a balance between moral values ​​with materialism. He said that journalism is a clean and pious profession. Corruption in the system can be exposed through investigative and research-based journalism. In this age of social, print and electronic media, youths are looking for future in this profession. He added that journalists have to set an example for the coming generations while keeping in mind the priority of the nation and societ and to move forward in the field of journalism.

He said that yellow journalism should be avoided, because yellow journalism dents the country and democracy. Today is the age of social media, so the meaning of the word press has widened. The impact of social media in the press cannot be denied. In such a situation, there is also a challenge in front of everyone with regard to the authenticity of information. In this age of social media, the responsibility of main-stream media has increased.

Eminent writer and journalist Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik while addressing the programme said that the journalist should report fearlessly while being fair and protecting the truth. He said that journalism is the heart of democracy. Journalists should not write biased report and should only write honestly, this is in the interest of the whole society.

In the programme , the Media Advisor to the Chief Minister, Sh. Amit Arya appealed to the journalists to work without any pressure in the era of materialism and to work with positive thinking.

The President of Haryana Journalists Association, Sh. K.B. Pandit welcomed Governor and other guests.

In the programme , Governor Sh. Bandaru Dattatraya presented awards to senior journalist Sh. VP Prabhakar, editor of Poora Sach, Sh. Anshul Chhatrapati and a number of other journalists.