Haryana Police Arrested A Woman With 5-KG Cannabis, Narcotics in Kurukshetra

Chandigarh/ January 12- The Haryana Police arrested a woman with narcotics in Kurukshetra and recovered 5-kg cannabis from her in Kurukshetra.

        Giving this information today, a spokesman of the police department said that the team of Anti-Narcotic Cell of Kurukshetra District Police was patrolling in the area of Sadar Thanesar, Kurukshetra.

        The police spokesperson said the police received secret information that a woman who sells cannabis had gone to Delhi to buy it and will return to Kurukshetra by bus at night with a large quantity of cannabis. On reaching Kurukshetra, the woman will get off the bus at Pipli stand; go to the Indra Colony, Dhakka Basti, Kurukshetra.

        On the basis of the secret information, the police started patrolling at the Pipli Chowk and saw a woman getting off a bus. The police arrested her on suspicion and asked for her name. She was then searched and the police recovered 5-kg cannabis from her possession.

         The accused was then produced in the court.