Haryana Under Food Adulteration Threat: Commissioner, FDA

Chandigarh, January 22: Haryana Food and Drug Administration conducted a massive raid in Ambala today, took samples of Haryana Fresh Desi Ghee and Shri Govind brands, and sealed the stock.  The help of the police force was also taken during this raid.  It is noteworthy that 417 samples of milk, edible oil, and milk products have been taken from various places of the state recently, out of which 28 samples were found to be unsafe.  During this period, goods worth about Rs. 13.50 lakh were also seized.

Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, Mr. Lalit Siwatch informed that on the directions of Haryana Health Minister, Mr. Anil Vij, a special campaign was launched to control adulterated foods, under which the said samples from Ambala, Panipat, Pillukheda, Kurukshetra, and other places in the state where collected.  In this, 54 milk samples were taken, out of which one was unsafe, and 13 samples were found to be substandard.  Similarly, 363 samples of ghee and edible oil were collected out of which 27 were found to be unsafe, 86 substandard, and 44 miss-branded.

Mr. Lalit Siwatch said that a State-Level committee was formed to take appropriate action in this regard, in which Food Safety Officers of Panipat, Hisar, and Jhajjar were included as members.  This committee took appropriate action against the complaints of adulteration of edible oil, milk, and milk products in the entire state and collected these samples from across the state.  These samples were sent to the laboratory, on the basis of which action is being taken against the people concerned.

Mr. Lalit Siwatch said that the team collected samples of five different brands of desi ghee in Panipat.  Samples of blending and vegetable oil were collected from 8 Marla AJMD Food, which were found to be miss-branded.  Similarly, during raids conducted in Kurukshetra including 1500 kg old and rejected ghee, 17500 kg edible powder, 10 cans of 200 kg butter, 40 kg cream, 100 kg milk powder, 75 kg palm oil, 100 tins of ghee along with  196 kg food items were seized. The value of goods seized from Kurukshetra is said to be more than Rs 13.50 lakh.  He said that during the festive season, raids were conducted by the administration at Shahabad and other places, and large quantities of adulterated substances were seized.