“He is like a real son to me”, says Aanjjan Srivastav on his bond with Sumeet Raghavan

Mumbai: Aanjjan Srivastav (Sr. Wagle) and Sumeet Raghavan (Jr. Wagle) are among the most loved father-son duos in today’s times. The popular actors who are winning hearts with their lovely chemistry in Sony SAB’s show ‘Wagle Ki Duniya – Nayi Peedhi Naye Kissey’ not only get along well on-screen but
share a close-knit bond off-screen too. From sharing a great rapport to keeping each other entertained on the set, Aanjjan and Sumeet share the perfect father-son goals.

As the show continues to win over the audience, the actors reveal how their reel father-son relationship has become real over time, igniting magic on-screen.

Aanjjan Srivastav on the special relationship he shares with Sumeet Raghavan said “As an actor, while shooting, your co-stars eventually turn into family members and it is something that happened with my
relationship with Sumeet as well. He is like a real son to me. Even off-screen, we happened to share the same father-son bond. No matter even if we’re shooting on different sets, Sumeet ensures to check on me. As time passed by our bond only grew stronger.”

Adding to Aanjjan Ji’s response, Sumeet Raghavan said “One of the best qualities that I adore of Aanjjan Ji as a person and as an actor is that he is always prepared. He inspires me to go beyond my boundaries as he continues to explore work even today. I’m glad we share an incredible bond off-screen as well. We have a lot of fun. This also helps bring out amazing on-screen chemistry.”

Sharing about their amazing father-son on-screen chemistry, Aanjjan Ji said “With the ease in our off-screen bond, it was easy to bring out good on-screen chemistry. Sumeet continues to keep the rapport going. He brings out the fun element which makes our bond grow stronger.”

Sumeet added “Our chemistry on-screen is truly said to be amazing. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been shooting for a new show at all. We’ve managed to come under the skin of our characters beautifully.”