Honda introduces all-new Livo BSVI Equipped with Latest Technology, Urban Style and New Value

Chandigarh, ­­June 30, 2020: Taking another step towards a greener future and taking #AQuiet Revolution forward, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. today launched its stylish 110cc motorcycle, the all-new Livo BSVI.

Further elaborating about Livo BSVI, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Director – Sales and Marketing, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. said, “In our BSVI line up, we continue to create new value that enhances the quality of daily life and reinforce customer trust and confidence in our brand. Since its launch in 2015, Livo has been a favorite among aspirational buyers in its category. Equipped with Honda’s latest technology & its urban design, Honda Livo BSVI will raise the bar of style, performance, and value in its segment”.

Cutting-edge Technology

The all-new Livo BSVI is designed and built for the next era of transformation. At the heart of Livo BSVI ticks, Bharat Stage VI compliant Honda’s trusted 110cc PGM-FI HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, boosted by Enhanced Smart Power (eSP).

All new Livo BSVI brings future technology to the present, bringing India at par with the global standards – the Sophisticated, Precise & Sensitive – Enhanced Smart Power (eSP).

Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) is an integration of the following:

  1. Unique Honda ACG starter sparks #AQuietRevolution on Indian roads as it starts engine jolt free via the same AC generator used to generate current and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus, there is no gear meshing noises.

Two mechanical features lead to engine start with less effort – the first being efficient utilization of decompression with slightly opened exhaust valves (at the beginning of compression stroke) and Swing Back NEW feature which rotates the engine in a slightly opposite direction, which allows the piston to take a ‘running start’, making it easier to start the engine with a small amount of power.

  1. Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI): The system uses sensors to constantly inject optimum
    fuel and air mixture which aids consistent power output, high fuel efficiency & fewer emissions.
  1. Friction reduction: The offset cylinder and use of roller rocker arm with needle bearing further reduces the frictional loss which not only helps in smooth and better power output, but also improves fuel efficiency. The piston cooling jet improves cooling efficiency & maintains optimum engine temperature further adding to fuel efficiency and performance.

HET Tubeless Tyre: Livo BSVI comes fitted with rear HET Tyre (Low Rolling Resistance tire). Developed with a new tire compound technology, it reduces energy loss while maintaining optimum grip leading to improved fuel efficiency. 

Urban Style

Honda Livo leaves a long-lasting impression with its new and refreshed urban style. Chiseled tank shroudsmodern front visor, and bold fuel tank design give it a stronger and sporty character.

Striking graphics add an appeal of premiumness to new Livo BSVI while new refreshed digital-analog meter leaves a lasting style impression.

Essential Reliability

As another industry first, Honda is also offering a special 6-year warranty package NEW (3 years standard + 3 years optional extended warranty) on Livo BSVI.

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