HSLSA Organised National Lok Adalat

Panchkula, July 10: Haryana State Legal Services Authority today organized National Lok Adalat under the guidance of Mr. Justice Rajan Gupta, Judge, Punjab and Haryana High Court and Executive Chairman, Haryana State Legal Services Authority across the State of Haryana.

The National Lok Adalat was organized in 22 District and 33 sub-divisions of Haryana and cases were settled pertaining to “Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Bank Recovery, etc”. The purpose of holding National Lok Adalat is to facilitate a platform to the litigants to settle their disputes amicably. 

On the day of National Lok Adalat, Mr. Justice Rajan Gupta monitored the Lok Adalats being held in 22 Districts and 33 Sub-Divisions of Haryana through video conferencing as well as discussing working of Lok Adalats with District and Sessions Judges telephonically.   

Justice Gupta has called upon to settle maximum number of cases as Lok Adalat is a system of alternative dispute resolution which finds its origin in India and got established as a system with the changing times. Lok Adalats not only settle pending dispute or disputes going to arise between parties but it also ensures social harmony as parties to dispute settle their cases amicably to their full satisfaction. It also decongests courts as matters are settled amicably with the consent of parties eliminating further litigation in form of appeals and revisions. The limited resources available with the courts are relieved and are made available to dispense justice expeditiously and in an effective manner. Apart from settlement of dispute, parties are benefitted by return of court fee paid by them at the time of institution of cases. 

Lok Adalat is an effective alternative dispute resolution method for ensuring quick and final consensual disposal of cases binding on the parties without incurring any extra cost or fees. During Lok Adalats, pre-litigative and court pending cases of all nature are taken up by different lok adalat benches presided by Judicial Officers and members. Lok Adalats have proved to be very successful particularity with regard to MACT cases.

Considering the current prevailing situation, Haryana State Legal Services Authority directed to conduct Lok Adalats physically or virtually across the State as per local requirements. Necessary directions were also issued to follow health protocols strictly such as wearing of masks, sanitization of hands, social distancing etc. for prevention against COVID-19.

Last year, due to COVID pandemic, Haryana State Legal Services Authority organized its 1st E-Lok Adalat on 18th September, 2020 through video conferencing across the State of Haryana with an aim to resolve the cases/disputes of parties through one of the effective mechanism of alternate disputes. After a successful conduct of E-Lok Adalat, the HALSA moved its step towards Daily E-Lok Adalat in Haryana which aim to help the litigants for amicable settlement of disputes. 

Daily Lok Adalats were first started in one of the district on experimental basis. After encouraging results, daily Lok Adalats were started in remaining districts. At present, daily Lok Adalats are being held in all the 22 districts of Haryana. In the year 2020-2021, 58,222 Daily Lok Adalats were held and 75,437 cases were decided. Total amount of 75,62,19,818 were settled.`

Today, in National Lok Adalat, 10,581 cases were taken up and 3,011 cases were disposed of at pre-litigative stage. Total amount of Rs.4,82,96,251 were settled.

That apart, 60,172 pending cases were taken up and out of 21,271 cases were decided. Total amount of Rs.87,02,36,422- were settled.

Total Number of 24,282 cases both at pre litigative and pending stage were settled thereby settling total amount of Rs.91,85,32,673 between the parties.

That apart, Haryana State Legal Services Authority has been taking various other steps for precaution and prevention against COVID-19 across the State of Haryana. This Authority also launched a project namely “Arrest the disease-wear a mask, don’t go close, cover your nose” on 26.03.2021 in association with Health Department, Haryana with an aim to create awareness amongst general masses about COVID health protocols as well as to educate them about mask etiquettes. Under the said project, Legal Services Authorities conducted 220 vaccination camps across the State and 35,421 persons were vaccinated. Under this project, District Legal Services Authorities are undertaking mask making campaigns in association with NGOs/Public Agencies/Jails and distributing the same to the needy persons for free of cost. 1,08,517 masks were prepared/distributed under the campaign.  

This Authority also launched short animated clips on various topics such as legal aid, gender equality, COVID vaccination and mask etiquettes with an aim to sensitize maximum people on respective topics and various aspects associated with them. HALSA has also prepared publicity materials on COVID-19 which have been shared with all the District Legal Services Authorities to circulate among public at large through different electronic means so we could reach each and every person even living in far-flung areas.   

That apart, HALSA is also sharing awareness material under project “Corona Home Warriors” with the help of children and social media. It aims to create maximum mass awareness on prevention against COVID-19 and effective implementation of health protocols such as wearing of mask rightly, social distancing, washing of hands frequently, hands sanitization etc.  

Project HOPE has also been launched by this Authority with an aim to help those unfortunate children who have lost their single or both parents in COVID pandemic while fighting with the disease. It aims to ensure the rights and benefits of children who are left alone or with a single surviving parent. Under the said project, 3,090 children have been identified who have lost their single parent and 84 children who have lost both the parents.

In the months of July, August and September 2021, Legal Services Authorities shall also undertake large scale tree plantation to create awareness for protection of environment by distributing free plants including crafted fruit plants.  

During lockdown, HALSA through DLSAs extended help to 3,50,000 migrants regarding transit and food in coordination with District Administration and NGOs; more than 4,000 awareness programmes were conducted for creating awareness regarding Covid wherein more than 4,40,000 persons had participated; 2,00,000 mask and sanitizers were distributed; 2,700 were provided medical assistance; more than 20,000 Sanitary napkins were distributed; 8,121 were assisted with shelter; 20,103 were assisted with regard to travelling to home states or home districts; 1,100 Stranded Labourers were assisted for movement pass: 162 persons were given financial assistance under scheme of Haryana Government etc.