Hyundai unveils its premium SUV ALCAZAR

New Delhi, April 8: Hyundai Motor India Ltd. the largest exporter since inception on Thursday showcased its upcoming 6 and 7 seater premium SUV, Hyundai ALCAZAR.

Commenting at the unveiling of Hyundai ALCAZAR, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “With a deep-rooted understanding of our customer’s aspirations, our R&D Centre has invested countless man-hours to ensure every aspect of Hyundai ALCAZAR exudes magnificence. And combined with our premium and superior manufacturing capabilities& rich heritage of ‘Make in India’, we have crafted the perfect masterpiece of grandeur. Hyundai ALCAZAR is well set to enter a new segment, marking Hyundai’s genesis into uncharted territories. With bold new moves, we are on a conquest of
redefining benchmarks to exceed the aspirations of our customers.”

With the idea of creating a 6 and 7 seater premium SUV that resonates with the grandeur and magnificence of palaces & castles, Hyundai began a new development journey by forming the ALCAZAR LAB comprising of members across multiple teams & functions. Hyundai ALCAZAR was conceptualized over myriad hours of research, development, innovation, and ideation. Crafted to epitomize manufacturing magnificence – Hyundai ALCAZAR harmonizes Space, Premiumness, Performance, Convenience, Safety, and Technology.

Based on Hyundai’s Global Design identity of Sensuous Sportiness, Hyundai ALCAZAR characterizes a unique design theme that is extraordinary among the ordinary. This 6 and 7 seater Premium SUV exemplifies rugged elegance while, the interiors of Hyundai ALCAZAR feature a Wing-Surrounded architecture that personifies spaciousness, lavish comfort, and modern in-car experiences.