Impact of Cheap Imports on Industrial Production

New Delhi:

Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) initiates anti-dumping investigations on the basis of a duly substantiated application filed by the domestic producer with a prima-facie evidence of dumping of goods into the country causing injury to the domestic industry. Such applications are processed as per the procedure and within the time limits specified under the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 and the rules made there under. The proceedings of DGTR are of quasi-judicial nature and adequate opportunity is given to all the interested parties participating in the investigation for making their submissions. DGTR critically analyses the submissions and thereafter recommends the appropriate measures to the Department of Revenue for imposition of anti-dumping duty, if necessary. Acting upon such recommendations of the DGTR, the Department of Revenue may impose the provisional or definitive duties. Anti-dumping measures in force on products of steel and tyres are as under:

Anti-Dumping Measures in Force on Products of Steel and Tyres
S.No.Product/sCountry (ies) involvedQuantum of Duty imposedExpiry date of duties
1Ductile Iron PipeChina PR,US$ 127.40 to 139.79 per MT09-04-2019
2Aluminum Road WheelsChina PR, Korea RP, Thailand,US$ 1.06 to 2.15 per Kg10-04-2019
3Presensitised Positive offset Aluminum PlatesChina PR, Bulgaria**, Malaysia**, Singapore**,  Korea RP**US$ 0.22 per Kg.08-06-2019
4Hot Rolled flat product of Stainless Steel of 304 GradeChina PR, Korea RP,  Malaysia,US$ 180 to 316 per MT04-06-2020
5Cold Rolled Flat Products of Stainless SteelChina PR, Japan**, Korea RP, EU, South Africa, Chinese Taipei, Thailand,  USA,US$ 4.58 to 57.39% of CIF value10-12-2020
6Hot rolled flat products of alloy and non-alloy steel in coilsChina PR, Japan, Russia, Korea RP, Brazil, Indonesia,US$ 489-561 per MT07-08-2021
7Cold rolled/ cold reduced flat steel products of iron or non-alloy steel of all widths and thicknessChina PR, Japan, Korea RP, & Ukraine,US$ Nil to 576 per MT16-08-2021
8Pneumatic Radial TyresChina PR,US$ 245.35-452.33 Per MT17-09-2022
9Wire Rod of alloy or non-alloy SteelChina PR,US$ 535-546 Per MT08-10-2022
10Colour coated/  pre-painted flat products of alloy and non-alloy steelChina PR, EU,US$ 822 Per MT16-10-2022
11Steel WheelsChina PR,US$ 613 per MT12-09-2023
12Straight length Bars and Rod of alloy or non alloy SteelChina PR,US$ 44.89 – 185.81 per MT17-10-2023

Note: The ** denotes that measure is not in force on the concerned country.

Source: Directorate General of Trade Remedies

No anti-dumping duty is in force on cement and no anti-dumping application for imposition of anti-dumping duty on cement is pending in DGTR.

Latest available data on capacity and production of crude steel, cement and tyres (all categories) in India during the last year and current financial year is given below:

2017-182018-192017-182018-19 (Apr-Dec)
Crude SteelMillion tonnes137.97NA103.1379.06
CementThousand Tonnes##297711245826
Tyres (all categories)Lakh No##1776.70964.26*
Sources: Steel :Joint Plant Committee, M/o Steel, Cement : Index of Eight Core Industries, Office of Economic Adviser, Tyres : Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association
# : Data on Capacity not maintained , * : April-September, NA : Not Available