Indian Science Congress Association’s Homi J. Bhabha Memorial Award 2015

Chandigarh, November 18 – Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad, has been selected for the Indian Science Congress Association’s Homi J. Bhabha Memorial Award for year 2015. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi would present this prestigious award, which carries a Gold Medal, to Prof. Dinesh Kumar during the inaugural ceremony of 103rd Indian Science Congress in Mysuru on January 3, 2016. The award has been bestowed on him for his contribution to the development of science and technology in the country, specifically in the area of Microelectronics Engineering and Semiconductor Physics.


In a communication received from Nilangshu Bhushan Basu of Indian Science Congress, Kolkata, it has been mentioned that the association admire the tenor of Indian Scientists who brave against various odds and still shine as a luminaries and set examples for the future generations and salute such renowned scientists of India. Indian Science Congress Association instituted this annual award in 1989 to commemorate the birth centenary of India`s eminent scientist Homi J. Bhabha. The award is given every alternate year to honour a distinguished scientist of the country.

An eminent researcher, Prof. Kumar began his academic career in the year 1987 as a faculty at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. His teaching and research career spans over 27 years. As visiting professor and invited speaker, he has visited many countries including France, Germany, Italy, Austria, England, USA, Russia and Australia.

He has obtained his Master and Ph.D degree from Cambridge University, U.K. In 2003, he was awarded Commonwealth Fellowship by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, London to work again at Cambridge University. A bye-fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge, Prof. Dinesh has published more than 100 research papers. He has been the Director, UIET, Kurukshetra University and Coordinator of NPMASS project and also worked as the coordinator of Nano Mission Project awarded by Govt. of India, New Delhi. Before assuming charge as Vice-Chancellor of YMCAUST, he was Chairman of Electronic Science Department at Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.