IVRS System: Not At All Useful

Chandigarh/ Editor Call: Now a days almost all companies have started the IVRS system which is not at all useful. it is going on telling press 1,2,….. and so, but lastly the phone either will disconnect or going to tell press…… It is really disgusting the consumer and getting weariness. Only the customer has to be tired for this without any result. But in my opinion some people may say it is very good , but most of people do not like to do IVRS. Actually what we want can not get with this IVRS and not able to talk to the customer relation representative which unsatisfying us. More over some times the representative will be connected and after taking the details,he /she will say hold on, waiting minutes together ,not getting answer ,the phone will e disconnected. If again and again called the same practice takes place. The IVRS system to be removed or representative to be connected directly for resolving the customer problems.