*Jallianwala Bagh is within us*

Chandigarh/ Keshav Garg: While India is mourning a century of heinous crime which took place way back in 1919 at Jallianwala Bagh, I feel that each one of us has that Bagh within us. Just like a narrow entrance to this ground of massacre our minds and soul too have bleak entrance towards wisdom. Not only the way is narrow but even the vision is blur. Most of us, hardly see what lies within us and what are we striving for. The narrow path towards mankind, compassion and love for co-humans is getting shortened each day just as Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. Even if one manages to gets his thoughts clear and enters the real arena, his battle between the gripping unsocial thoughts and human values commences. Once can easily compare these unsocial thoughts to General Dyer who blew away thousands and thousands of peaceful thoughts evolving in that ground. It has been proven in past that evil initially wins but a spark like Udham Singh remains which binds us to quash that evil.
A very few of the positive thoughts within us which disagree to bend in front of an evil, jumps in the deep well to lie down in peace. They do revive back in form of positive energy ensuring the presence of essential element to fight against the bad. The massacre is certainly a lesson which teaches us that no matter how much strength an evil carries, the wisdom, truth, humanity will always supersede. This is what transformed Gandhi to a Mahatma who decided to eliminate the evils of brutal British Raj by his peaceful and socialistic measures. Every human being who wins the battle of superficial beliefs overs realistic thoughts becomes a mahatma in himself. He takes care of the world without any self-centred attitude. He understands the pain/sorrow his countrymen would have by his actions. This transformation from evil to kindness is something Jallianwala Bagh incident certainly teaches us. Leaving apart the behaviour of the then General, we need to understand what happened and why it happened. Because if we understand that, we will find Jallianwala Bagh prevailing all around us even after 100 years of actual incident. The greed to control the world, setting barriers for free thoughts were something which led to the RED incident. See around and we all will see General Dyer in each one of us. This 100th mourning of massacre let us take a pledge that we shall kill all such General Dyers and make this world a beautiful place to live.