Kejriwal’s provocative statements aimed to divert focus from failures of AAP govt: Goel

New Delhi: Union Minister of State (independent charge) for Sports and Youth Affairs  today  condemned  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for  causing grave damage to the national interests by his irresponsible statements  on Sunday by equating Delhi with Pakistan.

“It is shocking that Kejriwal is equating Delhi with Pakistan. It is an anti-national statement. By playing a victim and equating Delhi with Pakistan. Kejriwal has put at stake India’s image. His statement implies that India has been victimising Pakistan and that is what Pakiistan’s propaganda machinery has been trying to establish. Now Kejriwal is speaking in the same voice as the propaganda machine of Pakistan.”

Kejriwal has also equated Delhi with Pakistan. It is unacceptable. We out rightly reject such assertions by Kejriwal who seems to be ready to stoop down to any level to divert focus away from his failures. His strategy is to blame Centre and the Prime Minister for all the failures of AAP government in Delhi.

Kejriwal deliberately uses uncouth expressions to generate more and more controversy to hog the limelight and to take the focus away from the crisis of governance in Delhi which is making of his government.”

He must apologise to the nation for making such irresponsible statements. It is unbecoming of a Chief Minister. If he doesn’t seek apology, the people of Delhi along with BJP workers would   launch an agitation to compel him to do so.

Sh. Goel said, “We are unfortunate to have a Chief Minister in the Capital of the country who seems to be hell bent on bringing down the level of political discourse. He uses words like ‘Psychopath and coward’ for the Prime Minister of the country. He calls Delhi cops ‘Thulla’. And now he is equating Delhi with Pakistan.”

One can understand his desperation to do well in coming assembly polls in some states. And as he has nothing to show in his report card in Delhi, he has started using provocative statements and uncouth expressions cover up his failures. “It can be his frustration but he should not stake the national interest and image of the country for petty political gains.

We all are witnessing that how PWD under Delhi government has dug out most parts of Delhi before monsoon and people are bearing the brunt. This year Delhi’ites have experienced long and harrowing power cuts. The water supply system has collapsed in Delhi and residential colonies across the board suffered huge shortage of water supply. Sh. Goel said, “It would be better if Mr Kejriwal could focus on development of Delhi. There is a lot to be done and there are ample resources and powers with him. However, he neither seems to have intention nor the will power to do it.  Instead he believes on giving such statements which embarrass the people of the country. ”