Konark Security Suryanagari: 25 Crore Pipe Dreams

Bhubaneswar, Prasanta Bhuyan, May 21: The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced the complete renovation of the Sun Temple and the city of Konark. The Union Minister said that the Center has launched the project to take the Prime Minister’s attention to the development of the Sun Temple City as a “Sun City”. Both the central and state governments should pay more attention to the proper maintenance and preservation of the demolished temple. Priorities for the development of the buffer zone should be the removal of encounters in the Tihya zone, proper conservation efforts, prevention of water logging, high-growth forests, visitor facilities, appropriate museums and interpretation centers, and so on. The government has already installed several bio-diesel generators across the state and even planted large atrophy trees. The Rs 25 crore projects will include battery storage and solar power plants, which will be implemented by the Odisha, Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA). Most panels convert only 14% of their available energy into energy the most efficient panels convert only 22% of their available energy into energy. According to the second law of thermodynamics, the cells of the universe never reach 100% efficiency, the highest theoretical maximum efficiency is 85%, and it comes with a panel that has a motor to follow the sun. For a system that does not track the sun, for half a year, the salty fog begins and spreads throughout the region late at night. And where will they get the land? There is no land available in and around Konark, with both the state government and the ASI Heritage Buffer Zone in the locker room. There is a protected forest and a sanctuary nearby No new hotels or resorts have been allowed in the last two decades, and there is a lack of basic infrastructure for tourists and visitors to the World Heritage Site. In the Netherlands it will be more possible to develop a factory and take the necessary energy from the grid. It is not possible to plant trees in these weather-prone areas none were successful and everyone is collecting dust more than Rs 500 crore was spent on non-profits Suryanagiri Anil Dhir’s development is the general secretary of the Konark Security Committee and the project coordinator of INTACH)