Chandigarh: In India, Religious ideologies are accepted by the majority of Indians and in this way, Indians definitely have faith in God in different ways. In this context, one ”MATA JI KA DEVOTEE”. Sh. Ashwani Kukreja, founder of “KUKREJA RELIGIOUS FOUNDATION” is an individual in Chandigarh Town, who initiates every year to organize “MATA KI CHOWKI “ a pious religious program; on the last
day of each year i.e. 31st of December, when although the majority of the Chandigarhians enjoy this last day of the year by visiting/participating either in Dancing or Musical Programmes in some hotel or resort.
This year to Sh. AshwaniKukreja had organized “MATA KI CHOWKI” program in a big way in the ground in Sector 37B opposite his residence 1323, where 1000 families consisting of his relatives, friends, and well-wishers participated, where these devotees performed & ARADHANA FOR MAHA MAI SHERAN WALI IN JYOTI PARCHAND; and sought her blessings for them and for their family members.
In this unique religious program, Renowned Singer Pankaj Dhawan, came from Delhi for the first time and Raman Dewan a singer from religious channel “Divya” sung Bhajans and impacted the devotee participants with their melodious voices. On this eve different religious Jhankis were also exhibited by noted artists of the region. In the end of the program, MAA KA BRAHM BHOJ, tasty dinner was served to participant devotees which were relished & enjoyed by devotees as Prashad.