Chandigarh: During the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19, Government Home College, Chandigarh has already ventured into manifold initiatives to rejuvenate the sagging spirits of the masses at large. Under the able and dynamic leadership of Principal Prof. Sudha Katyal, college is marching towards the path of excellence and is consistently working for the betterment of the society.

Aligning with the clarion call of Atmanirbhar Bharat from the Government of India, a Four-day Online Entrepreneurial Skill Development Workshop (July 29-August 01, 2020) has been organized in collaboration with the various successful entrepreneurs who have achieved glorious heights in their respective fields. The rationale behind the workshop is to instill the spirit of learning, creativity, and innovation among the various stakeholders.
Treading along the similar lines, the second and third day of the live entrepreneurial workshop had interesting sessions on “Professional Baking” by Baker Brothers i.e. Chefs Amit and Sumit Jhangra. Bringing the exquisite French, Indian and Japanese delicacies to the platter, the chefs artistically presented the ways and means to make exclusive culinary delicacies within the limited available resources. Mr. Amit specifically exhibited the techniques and ingredients utilized for the process of making Milli Feuille as well as the Puff pastry. On the other hand, Mr. Sumit creatively presented Sushi along with his innovative recipe of Choco Choorma.  Known for their sheer professionalism and innovative baking techniques, the duo demonstrated innovative skills that can easily be replicated and performed by everyone.
With the active participation of people from the different strata of society, the workshop was a successful endeavor. The queries of the participants were answered to their satisfaction.  Further, the principal of the college, Prof. Sudha Katyal encouraged and motivated the participants to come out of their cocoon and learn from the experiences of the already established entrepreneurs.

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