Mahima Hora & Virr Inder Launch OK REPORT

Chandigarh: Mahima Hora, the gorgeous lady with an amazing sense of style have a following of more than 40k following on insta. This lady came down to the city beautiful to talk about her upcoming Punjabi film ‘Jugni Yaaran Di which is releasing on 28th June. She will also be seen in a Bollywood project by famous writer Rajeev Kaul. More than that all this something that is going to attract the audience is her upcoming music video ‘ OK REPORT’. The video was already aired on the most wanted platform ‘YouTube ‘ and on ‘Aaho channel’ and certainly it has got amazing response from her fans and audience. She is also the State ambassador of Maharashtra tourism. She said, ” There is so much to look forward to in all the fields.” “About tourism, I would say my aim is to promote tourism in Maharashtra by seeking private investors to invest in unexplored destinations which will boost the market of tourism”  underlined Ms. Mahima Hora, State Ambassador representing Experience Bharat on a global scale