Malaysia unveils eco-tourism packages to promote its natural ecosystems and diverse culture

New Delhi, DUBAI, 30 December 2021: Malaysia unveiled its new eco-tourism packages at Expo 2020 Dubai on Wednesday (29 December), aiming to promote the country’s natural ecosystems and diverse culture and revive its tourism sector.

Nancy Shukri, Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture, launched the programme at the Malaysia Pavilion, where she, along with her delegation, received a tour of the building. The pavilion is hosting Eco-Tourism Week from 26 December-1 January, with the aim of attracting potential visitors, tour agencies and investors.

Shukri said: “For Malaysia, eco-tourism has always been an important focus of the tourism industry. We are blessed with such diverse flora and fauna, enabling us to be arraigned prestigiously as one of the mega-biodiversity countries of the world. In addition, there is a strong relationship between community-based tourism and eco-tourism in Malaysia, making us a preferred eco-tourism destination.

In fact, this tourism niche is one of the country’s main areas of strength, which we continue to promote extensively, as we have an abundance of natural assets, heritage and cultural diversity.”

Malaysia reopened its borders to vaccinated travellers in November, and is currently preparing to welcome more visitors in the coming year, according to the minister, who said the country has managed to keep infection rates low due to the precautionary measures it enforced.

She said: “Although Malaysia is cautiously monitoring the emergence of new COVID-19 variants, we have great hopes that a safe reopening for the country is on the horizon.”

Under the theme ‘Energising Sustainability’, the Malaysia Pavilion showcases the country’s commitment to balancing socio-economic progress with environmental concerns, ensuring a secure and sustainable future. The pavilion, located in Jubilee, is holding more than 900 shows throughout the six months of Expo 2020 to present Malaysia’s ‘Truly Asia’ culture and heritage.