Martial Art Expert Chitah Yajnesh Shetty Imparted Online Martial Arts Training To Felicitated American Students

Mumbai: The martial art training through Zoom, was imparted to American children at Idaho, Nampa, the USA in the early morning on 23 September 2020, by the Founder Chairman of the Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global Sports Federation and Bollywood’s popular martial arts expert Cheetah Yajnesh Shetty, The children performed with concentration, focus, speed, power and aim in the session. Yajnesh’s son Trishaan Shetty also participated in the session with his father and imparted training to American children for about 45 minutes.

On the occasion, Yajnesh Shetty said” this was the best example of the training where the children made the best presentation. I think this was the great initiative by Sifu Cosmo Zimik. He has great, dynamic, and obedient students. I’ve seen them train especially the young ones, who also keep the dojo nice and clean, Sifu Cosmo Zimik is the founder and president of empty hand combat and he is the International Vice President of Chitah JKD. This was thrilling and the best moment for me.”

On the occasion, 19 American students- Lane Sweesy, Alice Stapleton, Justice Dyrud, Mia Piotrowski, Ruthie Cross, Jenny Barajas, Zach Baker, Luke Davi Josh Mitchel, Tyson Sides, Diego, Gianna Green, Eva Green, Luis Madrigal, Danielle Morton, Kurt Dreschsel and Noah Castaneda were honored by Chitah JKD for their best performance. While concluding the session Yajnesh Shetty thanked Sifu Cosmo Zimik and the children and extended best wishes.