Modern Legacy Eclipsing Our Culture and History

Chandigarh: Recently some residents of an area of Chandigarh demanded the change of name of the area to a number which was rejected even by the creators of Chandigarh. It is beyond imagination why the change of name was desired and vouched of course by select few. Naming an area by numbers will lose its identity as a whole and in the coming times, as the memory is very short and people are leaving reading habits, only the numbers will be known and names will be a part of distant history. We agree that engineers and architects appointed by the then PM of Central Govt have done a very good job in making the Chandigarh what it used to be in the early Nineties. They never made Chandigarh which it is now. I put it in a very simple way. When We plan a House we take the help of Architect and Engineers etc to make a Good comfortable House and we have world Famous Architects to suggest and advice that of course of payment basis. Once our house is Complete we push them out of the house. We never hang their photos of never pursue their ideology. Exactly in a similar fashion, the Party which made Chandigarh was pushed out so much so their last bill was not paid even. After that many Govts came, while Chandigarh was part of Punjab and almost no one remembered the Le Corbusier and party. After Chandigarh became UT in 1966 it continued same way but in earlier years of 21 century a set of Officers decided to pursue everything Swiss/Paris and that started the issue of Fake Heritage of Chandigarh which never was and which never is our heritage but the pursuit to see everything through franc prism continues unabetted. The Old buildings made by Le Corbusier now not even part of Master Plan are being not only maintained but developed also without following rules so much so that a residential house has been a tourist spot. Why it is so? Why Le Corbusier’s legacy is being made one up the entire history.

When we see the history of Chandigarh it derived its name from Chandi Mandir which is now a matter of Controversy but situated in Haryana. The area for Chandigarh was carved out of the area under the Shivalik Hills which had a history of its own. We are totally forgetting the early days of Chandigarh when it was in making after taking over the villages. The very first day when Chandigarh was named after Deity named Chandi Devi the mistake was committed as this Mandir was not made a part of Chandigarh otherwise Chandigarh could be a Maha Chandigarh but Nehru vision did not visualize that.

No after some 12 years everybody is after the Le Corbusier Legacy. All rules are shown the door whenever something related to Corbusier and part comes ahead. I feel that no country of the world would have Gutter Main Whole as Heritage items or Furniture as heritage items. Many people have opened their shops in the name of heritage and they are Flourishing also but in a very micro way as people though go to see Le Corbusier they are not concerned this fact can be gauged by the fact if we count the number of people actually go to see the Ac-architecture Museum while art and Cultural Gallery and museum rarely mentioned as tourist place. Had Sh Nek Chand not made Rock Garden had there was no Leisure Valley and Rose Garden there was nothing as a Tourist place. In the last many years’ nothing has been done to develop Rock Garden, Rose  Garden, Leisure Valley, etc. As people are wearing the Le Corbusier Spects and never see anything of our erstwhile culture. Really the Modern Legacy is eclipsing our culture so much that everything historical about Chandigarh its Mountains its ancient history if Manimajra  Sarangpur and species displayed in Museum are being forgotten in the name of Modern Architects. And that is a dangerous trend which needs to be reversed.