Money held no value when you have compassion In your heart

New Delhi: Help others and you will be successful- this phrase can be sighted in front of many temples and other such places. Some people, despite being financially capable, lack the compassion and kindness to help others while some people want to help the vulnerable, but due to lack of financial resources, they find themselves unable to do so. But, help has nothing to do with money. You can help others even without money. A pocket full of money does not hold a candle in front of a compassionate heart. Giving back is good for others as well as for yourself because giving gives you a purpose and when you have a purpose-driven life, you are a happy person.

According to the Founder of PR24x7, Atul Malikram, “Helping someone does not necessarily involve money. You are far richer than a wealthy person if you have the compassion to help others. Every person has some quality in him to contribute to this world. If you want to help someone then there should be no place for any selfish gain. In short, you can still be of help to others even if your pocket is empty. If we delve deeper into our past and look closely at the traditions we will find solutions to every problem in the form of wonderful gifts. You must be aware of the barter system prevalent in the old times. Under this system, essential commodities were traded according to the fair value, because money was not in circulation at that time. That is to say, assistance was given even when there was no money. This system is no less than a legacy that needs to be saved.

Why don’t we use this system in our present time? It is not necessary to use the money for the transaction of items. If you have the art of teaching, then you can teach vulnerable children and help them get a better future. If you are artistic, then you can support someone with your artistry.

Scientifically, we have compelling data to support the anecdotal evidence that helping is a powerful pathway to mental health and lasting happiness. Those people who always come forward to extend their support to the needy feel more connected to their souls and live a content life. At the end of life, the man leaves behind his karma, based on which he is remembered for a long time. Let us also enroll ourselves in the category of these selected people, and adopt our legacy of the barter system.