NHRC notice to Uttar Pradesh government on reports of deaths and injuries among road accident victims.

Bhubaneswar, 22nd May, 2020: The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, has been asked to submit a detailed report within four weeks. According to the report, the injured were not only physically injured, but were also suffering from a tremendous amount of mental trauma, and in that painful situation, they were forced to sit in the same vehicle where the dead body was being buried. Failure to respond to public sentencing is a sign of failure to act in a way that violates the dignity of poor workers. Reportedly, when grants two trucks, widely expected to be Ruck migrant workers and their families in providing the state authorities by delinquent officers and Relief / rehabilitation action against adoption details. The commission also wants to know more about the health status of migrant workers injured in their medical treatment. The commission said in a statement that it had “unilaterally and arbitrarily placed the body in a vehicle where the injured migrant workers were being asked to leave.” A Punjab 26 migrant worker was killed and 30 more were injured in a fatal accident and India’s Suo motu cognizance media reported that the Auraiya road accident victim was the victim of a car accident. Injured migrant workers are being transported in the same vehicle. From Rajasthan to other Uttar Pradesh districts in the Auraiya district collided with highways. Later, as the truck died and the same truck went viral on social media, one of the carriers was transported to Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. NHRC notice to the Government of Uttar Pradesh over reports of dead and injured among the Auraiya road accident victims being carried in the same vehicle.